Saturday, 27 June 2009

June 2009 - Short Story Challenge

So how are you doing with the June challenge? With barely two weeks left to me in the month, I am still at the idea stage. So let's what I can do in the next couple of days. But at least the idea is there. I have more hopes for July challenge. How is your progress?


  1. First draft is done, just need to edit.

    Ooh, think I'll do that now in fact! :-)


  2. Much better, actually. I wrote a flash fiction piece, and posted it to my blog Saturday. I've decided to post flash pieces every week for the practice (and a hard deadline), and hopefully I'll have an extra one to submit somewhere next month.

    I only had time for one edit pass on this one (got going late), but I learned a lot just doing that. So definitely progress, and next month, possibly submission?

    Good luck with your story...only 3 more days!

  3. I'me chuffed to report the completion two new short stories for June that appear on the Thrillers, Killers N Chillers site.
    I have a couple more in the pipeline, too, but off to Greece on Wednesday so they'll have to wait. I will take along a notebook & pen though!
    I've learnt that the only way to get into the writing habit is by actually writing.

  4. Jamie, excellent.

    Col, congratulations. That's brilliant. Now I am determined to make the most of July. With June....will report progress in a day when the month ends.

  5. Thanks, LW.
    I work shifts and have two kids (excuses I've used before)and now if an idea strikes I just start writing and develop it, which expunges frusration brought about by procrastination.


    In the small hours I penned another: an entry for an online two hundred word monthly challenge over at Writers News Talkback.
    Working out some kind of plot in so few words is difficult and requires tight writing.
    Fingers crossed.

    Sorry if it looks like I'm bragging - am just reporting back and trying to spur others on!

  6. Oh no please brag away. That's the whole point - if someone like you, who has such busy life, says you can write 2 stories in a month. It makes me think I should have no excuse.

    I have dragged out a story I wrote years ago, and will see if I can make something of it in a day.

  7. Technically I've done three this month...
    but I'm not bragging!!!

    Regarding yours - go on, you know you want to!

  8. Finished my story too...HURRAY!! Now, I will just revise it, and finish off other parts of the assignment before sending it to tutor. But at least short story is finished. :)

  9. JUST finished the final edit on mine with half an hour of the month left. ;-)