Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back With a Blast - Finding Balance

You may have noticed, my poor blog has been quite silent for last month. I had decided my fitness regime (or lack of it) needed drastic attention so I was obsessing over that. The problem with obsessing is that it's hard to do that on more than one thing, so alongside my second mission was to find a balance, and try to bring some discipline into my routines that I could focus on various important issues instead of writing like a woman possessed or doing something else like a woman possessed. Of course, only having limited time doesn't help either, but I knew it wasn't impossible. So that was my hard journey. 

But finally, this weekend, things clicked into place, as they do. I reassessed my yearly goals, revised them based on current time, progress and changes, and found my centre again. It's a great relief to feel in control of all my goals, as opposed to just one at a time.

So now, you will be seeing regular posts here. Not one every day as I did a lot before, but definitely regular.

In news, the fitness obsession did work, and I am AMAZED to say I am now a regular exerciser (is that even a word? - it should be if it's not) :P and I don't even eat Pizza every week, let alone several times a week.

Reigns of editing my NaNo2009 novel have been firmly gathered, so editing is hopefully speeding up again.

And alongside, slowly - very slowly, I continue to work on first draft of my Bristol Fantasy.

All the other drafts have been put aside for now, as I have got my handful with just these things and all the other stuff I need to do. Journaling blog will be getting regular attention too.

How have you guys been?

Monday, 2 August 2010

Reading Challenge Update

For the first time I decided to have an official challenge to read a certain number of books this year. Minimum 75. Here is the update.
It doesn't include any e-books that I have read, as I don't really keep track of those. But among my "regular" books, 42 reads so far.