Monday, 2 August 2010

Reading Challenge Update

For the first time I decided to have an official challenge to read a certain number of books this year. Minimum 75. Here is the update.
It doesn't include any e-books that I have read, as I don't really keep track of those. But among my "regular" books, 42 reads so far.


  1. Nice job! Not a bad number at all ;o) I'm at like 15-20 or something...

    Good Luck!

  2. LOL I think I'm about there as well, although my goal was a more reasonable 52 books. I've fallen way behind on updating my list.

  3. That's really good.

    My goal is 100, but I don't think I'll make it. I'm at 45.

  4. It's been probably ten years since I started keeping track of how many books I read every year. One hundred is my average goal (although, thanks to my heavy research for my historical WIP this spring, I'm almost there already this year). It's always interesting to look back at past years and review what I've read. In addition to the title and author, I also keep track of the genres and the ratio of male to female authors. It makes for some interesting stats at the end of the year.

  5. Medeia,

    Even though my official goal is 75, I am hoping to get to 100. My reading does change from month to month, so never know.

    Yes it is certainly interesting. I keep a spreadsheet with more details - like genre etc.

  6. Well done on doing so! :) I haven't read many books these last couple of years, but looks as though now is a good time for me to be reading as I have just finished 'the shack' (3 weeks reading it) and now re-starting to read 'the kite runner' again by Khaled Hosseini, one of my favorite Authors. Hope you are well.