Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back With a Blast - Finding Balance

You may have noticed, my poor blog has been quite silent for last month. I had decided my fitness regime (or lack of it) needed drastic attention so I was obsessing over that. The problem with obsessing is that it's hard to do that on more than one thing, so alongside my second mission was to find a balance, and try to bring some discipline into my routines that I could focus on various important issues instead of writing like a woman possessed or doing something else like a woman possessed. Of course, only having limited time doesn't help either, but I knew it wasn't impossible. So that was my hard journey. 

But finally, this weekend, things clicked into place, as they do. I reassessed my yearly goals, revised them based on current time, progress and changes, and found my centre again. It's a great relief to feel in control of all my goals, as opposed to just one at a time.

So now, you will be seeing regular posts here. Not one every day as I did a lot before, but definitely regular.

In news, the fitness obsession did work, and I am AMAZED to say I am now a regular exerciser (is that even a word? - it should be if it's not) :P and I don't even eat Pizza every week, let alone several times a week.

Reigns of editing my NaNo2009 novel have been firmly gathered, so editing is hopefully speeding up again.

And alongside, slowly - very slowly, I continue to work on first draft of my Bristol Fantasy.

All the other drafts have been put aside for now, as I have got my handful with just these things and all the other stuff I need to do. Journaling blog will be getting regular attention too.

How have you guys been?


  1. Good to see you back! And congrats on building the fitness habit. I'm slowly working my way back to that myself.

    I so understand you on the obsessing. So hard to keep that in check. I'm glad you've found your center and balance...I bet it's a great feeling. :-)

  2. Thanks Jamie :-) Yup...definitely glad to feel in control (Control freaks have a great trouble not being in control, as I am sure you know ;)

    Good luck with your fitness. It's the first time in my entire life that I have stuck to exercise for so long (this is 8th week), and it's great to feel fit again.

  3. Welcome back Dolly. Don't stay away so long next time. Exercise is hard to keep up with. Especially in the begnning. Welld done.

  4. Thanks Matt :-) Have no intention of staying away, though of course never say never.

  5. Glad you're back Dolly! We've all missed you!

    Congratulations on finding your centre again, it's not an easy thing to do.

  6. Hey Dolly, welcome back to blogging. :)

    Good for you on the exercise thing (the lack of pizza, we must discuss later, ha). Nothing like some good endorphins to get those writer juices flowing.

    Good luck on the draft.