Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Editing - Full Steam Ahead

Editing of my NaNo2009 novel has started again with daily productivity. I never stopped working on it, but to get back to working on it daily is great. It's made me get back into my story properly again. I would love to have it finished by November, but I am more concerned about quality than deadline, so I will do my best to have it ready by November, but if I feel it needs more work then it will get more work.

First half is all quite solid in plot-terms so that needs more cosmetic edit now, and a good polish. But in the second half, especially towards the last third of the book, I am including new scenes, so depending on what happens there, might change things in the rest of the story. I am hoping these scenes are going to make the climax more exciting, as currently, things are perhaps not as hard as they could be for my characters :-)

Oh yeah, and I love these people. And their world. I want to live there. Hell, I want to be them!!


  1. LOL This is what's happening to me and the novel I'm currently editing. Only mine is my 2008 NaNo. At first glance it looked like an easy task, but then I started adding scenes and smoothing transitions . . . I'd like to have it done by November as well, but like you I'm focusing on quality, not speed.

  2. C R,

    Good luck to us both :-)

  3. I'm still editing mine too! I hope to get mine done before November. It's not easy. I read back some of the first drafts of this WIP, it's so much different now. Crazy!

    Good Luck ;o)