Friday, 17 September 2010

Your Writing Journey: Guest Post - Adam Slade

What do you write?
Adam - I write sparse description and sarcastic dialogue, usually in the form of either a fantasy or humour novel. Ooh, and silly blog and Twitter posts!
How long have you been writing?
Adam - I think it's been about 2 and a half years. Maybe 3. I did have it written down somewhere, but gawd knows where it went. ;)
What got you started?
Adam - An idea. I was lying in bed one night and an idea for a scene popped into my head. Up until that point, writing a book was just one of those, "One day" things. The next day I started writing, and I haven't looked back since.
A Few important lessons you have learned along the way
Adam -
(1) While you don't need qualifications to write, a good book on the subject helps you avoid many of the mistakes new writers make.
(2) Ergonomics! You'll likely be spending a lot of time typing, so make sure you're in a comfortable position, or deal with the consequences. Trust me on this.  *Stretches back, winces.*
(3) Despite what your mum/dad/friend thinks, you DO need to edit once you're finished. More than once. ;-)
What priority writing is in your life at the moment?
Adam - The order is: Family, writing, reading, being a nut, everything else.
Is it a hobby, career, potential career?
Adam - It's a mix of the last two. I'll need a few more books out before it becomes a real "career," but that's the ultimate goal.
Can you see yourself writing for the rest of your life, regardless of financial / popular success?
Adam - As long as I have fingers, I'll write. That said, I could probably type with my toes, and speech recognition software is pretty good these days...
I write for enoyment, as well as the possibility of a career, so yes, I'll write no matter what. :)
Anything else you may want to add:
Adam - No llamas were fired out of cannons in the making of this interview.
Except that one.

Adam Slade


  1. Woop! I'd forgotten about this interview LOL :D

    Thanks again, Dolly!


  2. Thank you for doing it :-) Love the post!

  3. Love it! Adam you rock, dude. You too Dolly! Great post! Have a great weekend you two ;o)

  4. Great interview Adam!

    You've only been writing for 3 years? Seriously?? Wow, you went from zero to awesome in under three years - well done!

  5. Thanks Erica, thanks CR! :D


  6. I love reading about other writers' journeys. Well done, Adam. Except for the llama part; I'm rather partial to llamas.

  7. Thanks! :D

    If it helps, he made a perfect 3 point landing. Head, then back, then ass.



  8. Carol,

    Yup, it's fab isn't it? 3 years. Good job, Adam. I guess that's the difference when you want to immediately become a writer, as opposed to just start out with a hobby as I did.

  9. For shame, shooting a poor llama out of a cannon! Glad he landed okay though...

    Great interview...and almost as funny as your book. ;-)

  10. So good to read your interviews Adam! Happy I stopped by. :) Beautiful new layout Dolly. Hope you are well! Have not heard from you in ages. (letter wise and just in general)

  11. Ana,

    Glad to hear from you and sorry about my silence. Been offline for about week and a half, crazy schedule - but I'll be in touch. :-)