Friday, 24 September 2010

Your Writing Journey: Guest Post - Erica Chapman

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share about my writing journey! I wish it were more exciting. I'll just add in some alien abductions and conspiracy theories to keep it interesting ;o)
What do you write?
Young Adult - Paranormal/Mystery/Sci-Fi. I can't seem to make up my mind. My next story is a YA sci-fi.
How long have you been writing?
I've been writing for about 17 years. Ack, but Erica, you're only 23. LOL. So you think. Actually, I'm a hired FBI agent for the government. Okay, I'm not 23, but I have been writing for 17 years.
What got you started?
At first I used writing as therapy. A way to get out all the crap that festered inside. As a teenager, I went through a lot of adult situations (who didn't, right?) and didn't exactly know how to deal with it. I couldn't talk to anyone about it, so I turned to my journal and began writing poetry. I believed writing in my teens was the catalyst for me to major in Journalism in college. I knew I wanted to have something writing related. Of course, I don't have a day job that requires writing, go figure.
A Few important lessons you have learned along the way 
  • Critique Partners/Betas are as important as breathing
  • First drafts are supposed to be crap; revision is what makes them pretty
  • Writing books takes time and energy, duh, right?
  • Reach out. The writing community is there to help and support
  • I'm so glad I got a twitter account and started blogging - and I believe it can only help
  • Learn, learn, learn about everything, the publishing business, query writing, other writers
What priority is writing in your life at the moment?
Writing is a huge priority for me. I want to make this a career. I also know my day job keeps money in my pocket and a 401K in the bank. Day job and writing are both around the same spot for me. I hope writing books becomes my day job someday.
Is it a hobby, career, potential career?
I'd like to do it for a living. It would be ideal. But, I am always aware of the reality of my situation. I will have a job for a long time, even if my books ever do get published.
Can you see yourself writing for the rest of your life, regardless of financial / popular success?
Oh totally, that is unless the government infiltrates my brain and tries to brainwash me into believing I've been abducted by aliens and no longer have the ability or passion to write.
Anything else you may want to add:
I'll let you in on a secret (maybe not such a secret) my life is boring. Yep. I said it. It's sooo, normal. I go to work I come home, hang with the hubs and doggies, watch Dexter, write then sleep. Well, some nights I watch Big Brother ;o) It's so awesome to escape that world and enter a new one, one that I can make up, and have exciting things happen, like leaving in the middle of the night to track down a killer, or enter a different realm. I couldn't imagine a better dream.


  1. Thanks for inviting me to be here, Dolly! Have a great weekend ;o)

  2. Great interview Erica! I really enjoyed learning a little more about you. :-)

  3. Great post, Erica! And you're not boring. LOL

  4. Of course you are not boring :-) Many people would be greatful for peaceful life ;) Let our characters have all the trouble.