Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Let's Test Our Reading Habits

Today's post is about our favourite activity: Reading. I do hope it is your favourite, since most people who follow this blog are either writers or readers. It's a little game.

What are you reading at the moment? If you are like me, and reading half-a-dozen books at the same time, just pick one that you are reading now, today etc.

Share the first title. Let's see if we recognize these books (and no googling...that would be cheating). This is an experiment to test the how widely read we are as a group ;) And more importantly, do we remember the first lines of the books we have read? Let's find out.

Here is the first line of the book I am reading:

The studio was filled with the rich odour of roses, and when the light summer wind stirred amidst the trees of the garden, there came through the open door the heavy scent of the lilac, or the more delicate perfume of the pink-flowering thorn.


  1. No clue what yours is, but then again I could have read it a week ago and forgotten by now. My memory ain't the greatest. :P

    Rather hilariously, mine is -

    "This is a story about memory. And this much can be remembered..."

    (Ok, so that's 2 sentences, but they were short!)


  2. What a wonderful play! :-))

    I would love to share my current book with you all ... but I think even if you know the book you would have a very hard job in recognizing it, because my current book is written in GERMAN! ;-)

    Oh, and I have no idea what your (and Adam's) book is!

  3. What a fun game! I have no clue what you or Adam are reading. :-)

    Mine is: Midmorning, a Tuesday in July, Dora Henry went out the front door of Jared's place to get the paper that the paperboy had, as usual, dropped just over the picket fence.

  4. The first line of the book I'm reading really made me chuckle.

    "If you're going to read this, don't bother."


    Dolly, when I read your lines I was immediately sure I've read them, but I couldn't remember in what book. The words 'studio' and 'lilac' did ring a bell. So I became too curious and I cheated, googled it, and yes, I definitely read the book, and that's actually one of my all-time favourites! I can't believe I couldn't tell that's the beginning of that book!

  5. Adam,

    I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have read my book unless you were made to in school or something.


    Never time, read English one ;)


    No idea what you are reading.


    I feel the same about yours. I'm sure I have read that line...but don't know what the book is. However, I won't cheat just yet :P Let's see if we get more comments in a day or two.

  6. Is it the Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde? Just a guess...

    New here - hello!

  7. Kiernan,

    Congratulations on being the VERY FIRST person amongst us to know a book :-)) Yes, you are right.

    And WELCOME.