Saturday, 28 May 2011

A New Story

Nope....not a novel. I am still sticking to decision of finishing edits on this book. They are going, well slow. But that's mostly due to day job. I'm much busier in day job now, longer hours, hardly any break time etc. so that has impact on my evenings too. But edits are going. There is progress, so I am glad about that.

Anyway, this new story....well, it's a short story.

Now the more attention-paying people amongst you might remember that I am not really a short story person. I like some, but not a lot. I have written some, but not a lot. And they are certainly not my focus. But I just wanted to write something, and it's sort of related to my novel, because it's set in the same world - though during much earlier time in the world's history. This is just to flex some writing muscle really. 

The plan is to have a writing frenzy of sorts for the first draft, which I want to be around 10K to 15K. And I want to finish the first draft in a matter of days, or at the most a week - which with the bank holiday weekend is possible. 

So time to get writing. Cheer me on folks....I will put up a word counter on the side. 


  1. I was never a short story person either.

    Then I started writing them.

    Now I'm quite addicted...

    Writer beware. ;-)

    (In other words...go go go! LOL)

  2. Jamie,

    I used to write short stories, and I have written some that I like, but I never write the ones that are suitable for any markets. And I have really high standards for short stories I like to read (think New Yorker), so it's always difficult to be happy with them.

    However, I'm prepared that this short-story project is more for fun. Depending on how the story turns out, I might try to submit it, but if I don't, I'm fine with that too.