Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Update...about Bloody Time!

Yes, I have been horribly remiss in blogging lately. It's been one of those things that constantly nags me, and makes me feel guilty, but still doesn't rank high enough on the list to get around to it. But while I feel guilty, because I really would like to blog regularly, I'm satisfied with how I have been spending my time.

That brings me to progress...

Editing is going well. I wish I was faster at it, but it's one of those things where I don't yet have a perfect method, so it's trial and error, and my attention span isn't fabulous page after page.

Writing on the other hand is right on target. Since end of June, I started off with a target of 3500 words per week. Manageable target, while continuing with editing. From Mid-July I increased that target to 4700 words per week, and have met it every week. That brings WIP2 to 28K as of today. I'm hoping to finish first draft of WIP2 by end of October, and meanwhile hopefully, get WIP1 into submission state. 

Fitness routine has gone out of the window. I seem incapable of being able to focus on writing/editing + fitness at the same time. Well, it is bit tricky with timing too...but hopefully, might get back into it. 

So that's where I have been spending my time, folks. Of course it would be better if dayjob wasn't sucking up majority of time, but oh well! 

How is your writing progress coming along?


  1. I'm behind in my goals, but I've done so much writing this month.

    Have a great weekend and happy writing.

  2. Thanks, Medeia :-)

    I'm just happy that writing and editing goals are going well! That's the priority at the moment.

    Fantastic about your writing. Have fun.