Friday, 25 June 2010

Guest Post: Anne Ashby - Why I Write Sweet/Traditional Romance?

Hi, My name is Anne Ashby and I write Sweet/Traditional romance – Why?

The obvious reason for writing Sweet romance is because I like to read sweet romances. But that’s too simplistic. For me, it’s the storyline/plot which attracts me to a book. The romance is secondary. In a Sweet romance you get both of these, a strong story and a great romance.

Sweet romances need a strong fleshed-out story to flow throughout the book because they don’t explore the intimate part of the developing relationship. Something has to replace this intimacy and with Sweet, it’s a strong, believable plot. As the hero and heroine must have plenty to keep them together on the page and yet be separated emotionally, plot and characterisation become very important. For me, this makes the book worth reading, and writing.

Arguably Sweet stories could be classified ‘old fashioned’ but I strongly disagree with this. Times have changed since consummation of a relationship in a Sweet story couldn’t occur unless the characters were married. Most Sweet stories are set in contemporary times and contemporary situations. Physical acts of love definitely still occur, they are just not described in any detail.  Emotions and tension should build and zing as strongly as in any romance.

I don’t write Sweet because I’m a prude, or at least I hope I’m not. Twenty one years served in the Navy while it was still a very male dominated Service cured me of any prudishness I might have grown up with. I write them because I have stories hankering to be told, and I’m a sucker for a romance. I hope my Sweet stories guide my readers down an intriguing pathway and allow their own imagination to soar.

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  1. Sometimes I need to get away from the blood and guts I'm attracted to in books and read something sweet. I also think sweet romances are a good escape. Great post.

  2. I have to admit, every once in awhile I enjoy a sweet romance myself. It's a change from my usual fare, and as Medeia says, they're a good escape.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Nothing wrong with sweet. In fact, if you think about in real life, it's the sweet that most of us appreciates more, so it is also closer to life in fact.

  4. Gotta love a nice, sweet romance. Great post!