Monday, 21 June 2010

Your Collaboration Needed

So I had this bright idea - well it is bright, in my opinion :-)  Most people who follow this blog are writers, but we also share one other common identity: READERS.

Let's do something as readers that would benefit other readers and ourselves hopefully. I would like you to recommend up to 10 books (you can do 1 if you want) that you think people MUST read, or they are missing out on something. Please make sure it at least has the correct title and author's name.

Please EMAIL YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS to lostwanderer5 [at] gmail [dot] com. I will consolidate them, include your names and links with your recommendations. (So please make sure to send me your links too)

I think it will be a great thing for the readers, and for all of us, next time we have some Christmas money and wondering which authors' royalty cheques we should contribute towards. I haven't set a date for posting the list yet - depends on how many people might be interested, but I will give you a good few weeks.

If you want to leave a note in comment expressing your interest, please do so, but send the actual recommendations to my email address as it would be much easier to manage and to make sure I haven't missed anyone.

I really hope there will be good participation for this, and if your friends or family want to recommend something, send me their list and I will be happy to credit it to their names.

[Signs off....hoping to find a full inbox]

EDIT - Fiction and Non-Fiction both are fine. Just clarify which ones your recommendations are. Also, Adam's comment has led me to add - feel perfectly free and at ease to include your own book. If I had mine published, I am sure I would be including it :-)


  1. "A Reaper's Tale - The Undecided" by Adam Slade
    "Strand" by Adam Slade (Out late '10/early '11)




    PS - I'll email some proper ones too. ;)

  2. Adam's such a goof. ;)

    I'll get on this. I like this idea.


  3. Guilty as charged. ;)


  4. Adam,

    Reaper's Tale should be included, so feel free to add that to the list Adam.

    For Strand, let's do another list when the book is out ;)

    Glad to have you on board.


    Looking forward to your recommendations :-)

  5. I already emailed ya. ;)

    Nothing too original on there though. :)


  6. Great idea Dolly! Two books popped into my head immediately - I'll e-mail you when I have a few more. :-)

  7. Great idea! I'll send you a list later. :) In other news I got your letter yey.

  8. Ana, Great :-) Looking forward to your list.