Friday, 15 October 2010

Your Writing Journey: Guest Post - C. R. Ward

What do you write?

I’ve tried my hand at pretty much every kind of writing there is over the years, but I keep coming back to poetry and romance novels. I also do the odd flash fiction story or non-fiction piece just to keep myself honest.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for enjoyment most of my life, and I’ve been writing seriously for about ten years now. And by seriously I mean seriously thinking of submitting it, selling it, and making money with it. :-)

What got you started?

What got me started was Grade 8 Language Arts. Friday was anthology day, where we’d be given a prompt (usually a picture) and we were encouraged to write an original poem or story. We were also given the option of copying a non-original piece if we weren’t feeling creative, but I always managed to come up with something original. Thanks to Mrs. Latchford, I learned to love poetry and creative writing. 

A Few important lessons you have learned along the way

  • Just because you love the way something’s written doesn’t mean it’s good.
  • If you’re going to post a serial, even in draft form, you really need an outline.
  • Welsh poetry forms are not for the faint of heart!
  • All the advice or writing instruction in the world doesn’t equal the simple act of sitting down and just writing.
  • Writing groups can be a great source of inspiration and support.

What priority is writing in your life at the moment?

Writing is a pretty high priority in my life right now, second only to the business I’m starting up. When I’m not working on business stuff, I’m writing. As a matter of fact, my writing will be incorporated into my business, which gives it top priority.

Is it a hobby, career, potential career?

I’d love for writing to be my career. Who wouldn’t? But I’m also realistic enough to understand that very few of us will be able to support ourselves solely through our written work.

Can you see yourself writing for the rest of your life, regardless of financial / popular success?

Most definitely! As long as there’s breath in my body, I’ll be writing.

Anything else you may want to add:

Never give up, never surrender. Yes, I stole that from Galaxy Quest, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. If writing is your passion, then don’t let anything stand in your way.


  1. Great interview ladies! CR - I love the important lessons, so true and great advice too ;o)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Erica!

    And thank you, Dolly, for inviting me to participate!

  3. Amen. :-) Great interview, Carol...although I have to admit, I don't have an outline for my current serial. LOL But I agree, outlining sure makes it easier!

    Never give up...a fine (and necessary) mantra for writers. :-)

  4. Thanks for doing the interview, Carol. LOL - anything about Wales is not for faint hearted.

  5. Totally agree with Never Give Up, Never Surrender. It's the only way to keep going.