Sunday, 7 November 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010 - End of the First Week

I can't believe it's been only a week. Feels like ages. So at the end of this week, word count is 25323. 

I know it's very good, but it's still lower than what I had planned, because frankly the working week has been completely rubbish in terms of writing, because on most days I was too tired to manage much. This weekend wasn't very high in terms of word count either because I spent all day Saturday at BristolCon (which was different kind of productive, and a post about that soon), and today just felt bit blah, so didn't do 10K I had planned. 

However, now that little moan is over, I am actually quite happy with 25323. And determined to make the second week more productive. 

Outline is certainly has been extremely useful, though it doesn't mean I rigidly follow it. I've already cut out two scenes from outline, and changed sequence of few events, however even then outline helps considerably, because when I decide to change something, I can go through rest of the outline and make sure that everything else will still make sense despite that change. 

Again, first person POV for this novel is definitely the right way to go. MCs voice comes out much more clearly. I am aware that during revisions, I will certainly need to add more setting details, but that's how I write, so I have given up on doing otherwise now. But no doubt there will be lots of places to cut words, so overall things should balance out. 

Still hoping to attend at least one write-in this year, if only to make my local NaNo group, which I have been told is very friendly. 

So that's my progress for first week of NaNoWriMo. How are things going for you?


  1. Yay!! Great job ;o) You are rockin' it! I'm doing well too, just trucking along ;o) Here's to many more words for both of us!!

  2. :O 25,323? That's incredible!
    Keep up this pace and you'll be done in no time! :D

  3. I'm starting to feel lazy compared to you and Erica! :p

    I've been slow, but steady, and I can live with that. I've got a lot of other things going on so as far as I'm concerned, any progress is good progress. :-)

  4. You go! Halfway to the goal in one week is fabulous. *gets out cheerleader pom-poms* Rah! Rah! Rah!

  5. Erica,
    YAY!! We are going to kick nano ass.

    Thanks :-) That's the plan.

    C R,
    Slow and steady is good. We all have different methods, and I find obsessing quite motivating ;)

    K. M,
    LOL...thanks for the pom-poms. Now if only I can do those cheers ;)

  6. 25323 - *wow*, what a wonderful number! *yearning-sigh* When you are talking of a "write-in", what exactly is that?

    How funny, when you share the same projects, you also seem to have the same ideas for blog posts! I've just published my experiences of first NaNo week on my blog: Have a look! Oh, and btw: I was so free to borrow your NaNo logo!

  7. Nofretiri,

    Local write-ins are where people from the area gather at a fixed time to socialise and write. How much writing gets done depends on the people. There is a group here, but I haven't been to one yet, because I don't think I would be very productive. However, I just want to try one to meet everyone.

  8. Happy to hear things are well with you, and that you are happy with your word count after-all. That is what counts, being happy internally with anything that is produced on the side. :)
    The event you went to sounds exciting and I saw the pictures. Happy you enjoyed yourself there. :)
    Do let us know if you go to a NaNo local write in. Would love to hear your experiences. :)
    I went to my first local write in last week, and it was very encouraging and supportive. 45 of us turned up in London at the Southbank Centre Cafe, Royal Festival Hall.
    I'm hoping to go again every Thursday till the end, and also going to another much closer to home this Saturday and then at a different location Monday. Looking forward to both.
    Really like the feel of everyone writing together for the same purpose, or at least just writing together anyway. It's a great bond! We did all write quite a lot at the Southbank. Social chat would be just 15m, for those that felt like chatting, and then every hour we would start writing for 45m. It was very productive!
    NaNoWriMo is going really well for me, and first person is really working. Like you I am able to speak with more clarity and the story just rolls with ease. Currently I'm on 17,053 words so far and I seem to be writing either over 1,000 words a day or 2,000 words in one day then skip the next day and then the day after write another 2,000. So in all I'm always on target, and it just tends to flow quite easily.
    Best of luck to you in all your writing. :) And happy week.

  9. Hi Dolly, I think I sat next to you at one of the panels at BristolCon. :o)

  10. Ana,

    Thank you :-) I am glad you are enjoying your NaNo experience. Your write-in does sound great. Yes, I must go to mine. Really really hoping that I will leave my house on at least one Sunday :-) I will definitely let you know how it goes if I do end up doing it.

    Lovely to see you here. Yes, I do remember seeing you, sorry we didn't get a chance to talk. Perhaps next time :-)