Tuesday, 2 November 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010 - Update on 1st Day

I am just starting my second day of NaNoWriMo. It's my last day off, so determined to make the best of it, but whether or not I make it to another 10K remains to be seen.

Yesterday, I managed to do 10004 words precisely by 11:58 pm, so that was close :P 

Here are a few things I have noticed so far:
  1. Still love NaNo
  2. First person was definitely the right choice for this novel. I like the voice much better.
  3. 10K in a day is A LOT if you have to think. When I am writing scenes where I know exactly what has to happen, it's easy. Words flow, and I can do at least 1000 words in 30 minutes. But when I have to stop and think, decide what might make it better, or consider word choices, or in my case, also consider the outline, it takes longer. Then, 10K feels a lot, because I am sitting at my computer for about 10 hours a day.
  4. Another thing I have to do is make sure that anything good that I liked from the previous version is included in this one. Unfortunately, due to the nature of complete POV change and all the scenes places, it's a nightmare, so I have decided not to worry about it for this draft, and go through it during revision, otherwise I would end up spending half-a-day just trying to read the old draft, which would not be following NaNo spirit. So more revisions ahead.
  5. One of my 10K day (next Saturday) is gone, because I've realised I am attending my first ever Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. We have it local in Bristol. It's only the second year, so it's affordable and easy to get to, but there are some exciting people coming, including Joe Abercrombie, so looking forward to that. But losing that Saturday means I am less confident of finishing my 90K by 15th. So I'll have to see if I can squeeze more words into week days.
  6. But, I still love NaNoWriMo, and achieving 10K has been a new success for me, since my previous highest about about 7 or 8K. 
How are you folks getting on with your NaNoWriMo projects, or your writing projects, or with other goals? 


  1. Dear Dolly,
    That is wonderful to hear you are enjoying your experience with NaNo still on the second day! Well done on all that words you have done, and the many more to come! :)
    I have yet to start. I didn't even know I was accepting the challenge this year. I have just been supporting those that are doing it, and have been quite calm about the whole thing. So whether I am actually involved in it, is a different matter. If it happens, it happens and like you am drawn to test out the writing in first person to see where it takes me. :)

  2. Wow, Dolly. You really are determined. I'm so impressed. You're quite inspirational.

    My first day of NaNo went well enough, not what I really would have hoped, but painkillers wreak havoc on your writing abilities. (note to self: no more falling off sidewalks!!!)

    I look forward to keeping up on your progress. Good luck and have fun at that convention!!!!


  3. My NaNo got off to a shakey start. As you know, I suffered from the SNI syndrome and, after much internal debate, decided to go with the new idea rather than the one I'd planned on.

    I stayed up until midnight on Sunday, but all I managed to do was decide on names for my characters. Yesterday I managed over 2,000 words, so I'm on track, which makes me very happy. :-)

  4. You're amazing, you know that??? Your enthusiasm is my personal role model for my writing! Oh yes, you are! :-)))

    My NaNo start was:
    - bad, because I didn't reach the daily amount of words, I wanted to/should have to write.
    - good, because I made a new experience. I can write without thinking of the perfect word or the right syntax or if the scene fits in the story at all! It's amazing, disturbing, but also kind of a relief!

    Well, we'll see, if my NaNo story will have a 50.000 words happy end!!! ;-)

  5. You have an extra zero in there, right? You didn't just say 10k?

    (crawls back to my computer)

  6. Ana,

    Thanks. I have written in first person before, and in third. But this particular novel was originally written in multiple third. However it's definitely suited to first. Good luck with your project :-)


    Certainly no more falling off sidewalks! awww....good luck with the pain. And good luck with NaNo :-) Thank you for your lovely comment.

    C R,

    You are amazingly brave to go with SNI. Like I said, I wouldn't dare :P Great word count for first day. Good luck with NaNo.


    Thank you!! Thank you!! And don't worry too much about word count. Plenty of people don't reach 50K, but still enjoy the experience and get something useful out of it. You are correct. Training your mind to write without worrying too much about editing is ultimate aim for NaNo. So enjoy your first NaNo :-) I am glad you signed up.


    LOL...I hope it's not extra zero. *Goes to check word count* --- nope definitely right ;) Enjoy NaNo.

  7. Holy crap! 10k?! That's amazing!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks Kristina :-) 20K now since 2nd of November is ending for me. Back to little counts from tomorrow though, since back to day job. :(