Saturday, 5 February 2011

Conundrum, Confusion, and Some More Conundrum

Okay, so I was just being a tad dramatic with the title, because all those Cs sounded very nice. But the confusion is all too real.

Remember that post about selecting a new WIP - between Urban Fantasy or Science Fiction? And the end result of that was yet another Urban Fantasy which was suddenly and unexpectedly born. So I started brainstorming, outlining that. And you know what, I love it. I've got characters. I've got main storyline - though not all the scenes. 

But you see - when it comes to new WIPs, I have this major problem. I have TOO MANY choices. And it doesn't help that I am amazing at logically arguing myself in or out of a story. It would be okay if I argued on one side - but I have good reasons for all sides, and that makes making a decision hell of a thing. Even worse, it's a nightmare after the decision is made, and I have more amazing reasons for why I should work on something different. 

So now I think....I have made a decision. And I am telling myself that I am going to stick to it. (I won't tell you what just yet - because let me wait a bit and see what I end up writing). 

But here is the question - have you got a problem of too many choices? How do you decide what to work on next? 


  1. LOL - I'm sorry. I really don't mean to laugh, but this is why I constantly have more projects going than is probably good for me. Deciding what to write next is just...impossible! I so feel your pain....

    Good luck, whichever you finally choose. :-)

  2. away. I can totally see the ridiculousness of it, as well as frustration. :P

    I have done multiple projects in the past, but I know that I really haven't got time at the moment to do more than 2 (one writing + one editing) and even that's pushing it. So I really do need to narrow down my focus.

  3. Honestly? I think that's probably a far better way to work if you can...I'm fairly certain I'd be faster if I were more focused. :-)

  4. True it could be faster. But only if one has the ability to make a decision and STICK to it.

  5. I've tried to work on more than one project at a time, but it's really too difficult. One usually wins out and takes over the available time.

  6. YES OMG, I just finished a revision and am brainstorming new ideas and can't decide which to do. Until... the one came to me. I knew it was a great idea when I thought of it, and now that is the only idea there is...

    You'll get it when it feels right ;o) Good Luck!

  7. Yup, I am also one of those writers who suffer from the "too many projects to choose from" syndrome. I used to try and work on five or six at the same time, but I wasn't really getting anywhere with any of them. Now I try to keep it down to two or three.

    As for choosing which one to work on . . . sometimes I go by age (oldest project first), sometimes I go by how close a project is to being done, and sometimes I just surrender to the inevitable and work on a shiney new project that's been bugging me.

  8. Andrea / Erica / C R

    I select the projects, but I am worried more about efficiency or overlaps. My trouble is that because I write fantasy, there is considerable world building involved, and I find, building more than one world at the same time, some ideas slip from one to the other - so that's not good.