Monday, 21 February 2011

I am still here

Hello Folks,

How are you all? Sorry I haven't posted here in over a week, so I thought I would just give you a bit of an update. 

Definitely no intention of neglecting this post. In fact, I have got several drafts of posts going on various topics. Unfortunately, I have been far too busy/tired to make them a priority. Day job has gotten much busier because I've picked up some extra responsibilities, so I am much more tired as a result of that, and feel it in my evenings. 

But Editing is still on-going, and I do at least little bit every day. Progress has been slow so far, but there is definitely progress. Along with editing, I am also working on my outline for a new book. But Editing is the main priority, so I am not pushing myself on the outline, merely strolling along. 

So blog posts, and actually everything else that I need to do happens on bit-by-bit basis, and currently they come under the category of "Things Not to Stress Over" This blog is important to me, certainly. But the whole point of this blog is that it is a writer's blog, and as such, my first priority must be the actual writing/editing/finishing of my book. 

So don't run off and leave me....I will be back as and when time permits with hopefully interesting and useful posts. 

How are things going for you? 


  1. Hey there, lo and behold, I can finally comment on your blog! It's great that you're making progress with your editing. My good intentions with daily word count and drafting are on hold after I took a look at my last drafts days ago and I got into an editing/re-writing frenzy, ending up stuck on a conversation because I can't make up my mind of how much that conversation should reveal... Ah, the joys of not having a deadline! But I should seriously pick up some speed and finish that draft. Happy editing Dolly!

  2. I know what you mean, Dolly. I've been letting a lot of things fall by the wayside, mostly blog reading/commenting, while I try to get some editing/writing/finishing done. And like you my progress has been slower than I'd like. But at least there's progress, and any progress is good progress, right?

    Here's to getting our books done so we can go on to other things! :-)

  3. Michela,

    Welcome to the blog :-) I am just amazed that you can do so much editing as you write. It's really wonderful. I don't think I can work like that. Good luck, and hope to hear more about your progress when I see you in October.


    Yup, definitely good progress. And as important as blogs are, it's good that we are focusing on what's most important - our books :-)