Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dreaded Synopsis & Query

It's amazing how perspective changes. When one begins to write a book, finishing it is a big concern, making sure there are no plot holes, that characters are appealing etc. Then comes the editing mountain. Making the story as best as it could possibly be - and suddenly, writing feels so much easier. And now, as I attempt to write a synopsis and a query letter, both writing and editing seem walk in the park by comparison. Not literally of course - because those things are still difficult. But whittling down the essence of the story in a query paragraph, or two pages of synopsis - wow, that's taking difficult to a whole new level. Especially because summarising anything is not my strong suit, as my husband finds out every time he asks me what movie or a book is about. 

But I'm plodding on. Personally, I'm finding writing a synopsis far more difficult than writing a query letter. What about you? How do you feel about writing synopsis and queries? How do you approach it? 

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  1. Since I'm self-publishing I don't have to worry about a synopsis, but I did have to come up with the blurb for the back of my book. It felt it took as long to write that as it did the novel itself!

    I ended up pulling a dozen books off my shelves at random and read the back of each one to get ideas. Of course with a blurb you're trying to hook the reader so you want to make it interesting enough to make them want to read more but without giving too much away. A synopsis is written to hook a publisher or agent - you need to sum up the entire novel in such a way that they'll want to buy it.

    Given the choice, I think I'll stick to blurbs. :-)