Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lies, Truth and Silver Lining

Several days ago, wonderful Jamie over at the Variety Pages, gave me a Silver Lining Award, which I am finally getting around to posting. Thanks Jamie :-)

And a few days ago, another wonderful blog buddy and a writer, Erica from Laugh. Write. Play gave me a Creative Writer Award. Thanks Erica :-)

In order to accept this award, I have to make up 6 lies and 1 truth. Have a guess as to which one is the truth, and I will post my answer later.

1. I love running.
2. I hate cucumbers.
3. I only watched Titanic once.
4. I have lived on three continents.
5. My favourite colour is pink.
6. I wake up on time without an alarm clock.
7. I eat breakfast every day.

And I have to pass this award on to bloggers (and please don't feel that you have to do the same. Do what you want. After all, it's an award, not a punishment).

So the award goes to ...

1. Adam at the Editing Hat
2. Jamie at the Variety Pages
3. Traci at the Writer's Corner
4. C R at Random Writerly Thoughts
5. Ieva Melgalve at Birdcherry
6. Nik Perring at his blog


  1. Ooh, an award! Ta! :D

    Well, I'm pretty sure that number 6 is a lie... ;-)

    I say number 4 is true.


  2. I'm betting you hate cucumbers. Thanks so much for the award. I shall see what I can do!


  3. Thanks for the shout out girl!

    This was a fun award. Congrats to the winners ;o) Oh let's see, I'd say you've seen titanic more than once ;o)

  4. This is so cool to hear all of your guesses. I will post my truth in the comments at the end of the day today. :-)

  5. I bet #4 is the truth. :-) Am I right?

    Thanks for passing it along to me - I'll see what I can do this weekend. Congrats on your awards!

  6. Ah so now for the truth - It goes to show Jamie and Adam who are connected with me on pretty much every network have gathered inside information ;)

    #4 is true. Continents - Asia, North America and Europe.

    Now next step - Australia. ;)

    #6 - oh I wish that was true.

    I am afraid you lost your bet :P One of the few green things I would eat happily (I childish)

    Titanic - gazillion times. LOVE IT!!

    Looking forward to spotting your lies :-)