Wednesday, 2 March 2011

March Writing Challenge

In honour of my new WIP, to get things moving, I am doing a March Writing Challenge. As I am editing a book, as well as doing other stuff (life happens), I have decided on what I believe are realistic goals for me.

500 words every day from Monday to Friday
1000 words on Saturday and Sunday

I started this on 1st of March, so if I stick to it (and of course I shall), by 31st of March I will be at least 19500 words into my new WIP.

This challenge is also a part of working for a more balanced approach in life, as I generally tend to go in frezny over one goal and end up neglecting all the other goals. This is a normal pace that *could* be sustained along with all the other things I need to do.

I will more than likely carry this challenge over in other months as well, but for now starting with March.

Feel free to join me, and if you are not participating in this exact challenge, do you have regular writing goals? Are you a word-counter or page counter, or scene counter? Wordcount goals work for me, so I am sticking to them.

Happy Writing!


  1. I SHOULD really focus back on my writing ... I've totally neglected it over the last couple of weeks! Well, I was simply sidetracked by our FJC! *smiles* Well, maybe I'll join in ... IF, then from next week on! This week I still have 3 overdue prompts to do and my weekend is full with other plans! Well, I let you know ... as usually on my blog! :-)

  2. We should have done this in January! I had been so good at sticking to my daily word count then, but in February I gave in to the temptation of editing the big chunk of story that I wrote that way. This month I should do both... Perhaps I should try keeping to my word count and edit little bits as reward. Hm... that's an idea.

  3. Well done. I wanted to do a NaNoWriMo-like month, but I guess it is way unrealistic as I'm also editing, so I'm thinking that a thousand words a day is more adequate.

    As long as we're working we'll be fine ;)

  4. Nofretiri,

    Yes it is so difficult to balance things with so many different things to do!! *sigh* we have to struggle and carry on.


    I find January seems to go in a haze, settling back down in a routine after December, so February is where my productivity really starts :P

    I really would love to understand your love for editing. I don't hate editing, but you seem to LOVE it. If I felt that way, it might make my life much easier :P


    Thanks. :-) Yeah, I will save NaNo for November. I love NaNo, but it only works if I can make writing my absolute priority, and neglect everything else. That's okay for one month, but can't do it all the time.