Monday, 21 March 2011

WIP 2 - Progress & Notes on Method Change

For some reason, this book is certainly working better when I hand write. Perhaps it is because this is definitely more organic, since I don't have an outline. I know vaguely the main points that are supposed to happen, but I don't know any details. So in a way, it's brainstorming as I write, and brainstorming certainly works better for me, handwriting. 

So I have given in, and I am going to write rest of the draft by hand, and not bother to type it up until it's all done. So hopefully, the eventual type up will be a basic edit in itself.

To keep track of word count, I am estimating an average of 100 words per page, since I am using an A5 reporter's pa,d which is easy to use everywhere. As much as I am tempted to use some of my nicer A4 notebooks, the whole point is to keep this flexible, and easy to use anywhere, any time, and have it with me always. So plain notepads it is. 

So far, experiment going well. I am actually really keen to finish the first draft of this, because I am simply bubbling to write new stories. Might even hold off until I finish this one, if I have enough discipline. Though perhaps, writing a new book, could be a reward for sticking to goals for this book? One stone - two birds??? Hmm...I am going to go ponder over that. 

How are things going with your WIPs?


  1. Currently revising. I'm so impressed by your writing by hand. My hand gets tired. I do write my notes by hand, but not the draft. Good luck!

  2. Lydia,

    Thanks. I am used to writing a lot by hand. Even when I am not writing stories, I keep a journal, and plus there are always continuous scribbles about one thing or another, so I actually do enjoy writing by hand. Enjoy your revisions.

  3. Happy handwriting Dolly!
    My WIP is.. IP! I'm very into it lately, so I better go with the flow and get to work, ciao!

  4. I still do some writing long-hand, but I don't know that I'd be brave enough to do a whole draft that way. I can see where it might be more convenient - easier to take with you and easier to add little bits here and there. I might have to give it a try some time. :-)