Friday, 1 May 2009

May 2009 - Short Story Challenge

Welcome to the first short story challenge. Let's all work together and make this a success, so we can have many more challenges, and hopefully have the pleasure of seeing our work published at some point.
Reminder of main points:
  • This is a monthly challenge, beginning on May 1st and ending on May 31st
  • Please post your progress, or if you finish the story, let us know that you have finished it. How many words, any details you like to share, and whether you have submitted it or not.
  • There are no rules. You can write what you want, and submit if/when you want to a publication of your choice.
  • The purpose of doing this challenge together is purely to motivate one another to write something regularly, and finish it.

Few people have asked about writing prompt/theme. Each month, I will post three prompts/themes that you can use for your story if you wish. That's purely optional, meant for people who may be bit stuck for ideas.

May 2009: Themes/Prompts

  • May day - write a story where May day celerabtion plays a central part
  • Write a story which has three main characters - two men and a woman
  • Write a story set in a country estate


  1. Well, although I already have a head start on mine, I will aim at getting it done by the end of the month. Thanks for the contest, its a great idea.

  2. Eric,

    Good work. Since you already have a head start, looking forward to hearing about your progress.

  3. I'm both nervous and excited - excited to get started, and nervous about finishing, editing, and submitting (which I've only done once before, with a postcard story). But I have a plan, and will post more after I get started.

    Thanks again for the challenge - very motivating!

  4. I'm in ... but can you post reminders for those of us procrastinators? (It'll get done : ))

  5. Jamie, that's excellent. I need to get my plan together now.

    KLo...don't worry, I shall keep reminding. I am a procrastinator too, but reading about other people already getting into gear, motivates me. Hope that will work for you.

  6. Hi LW,
    Great idea this. Count me in! Love the concept of encouraging new writers. I used to be a procrastinator, but not anymore!
    I battled through it and now co-edit a site for new writers to showcase their work, and since January I have written eleven stories on there (not bragging, just saying it's possible to turn things around).
    Many more have also entered the fold.
    If you fancy a nosey or want to submit...
    (The guidelines are on there.)