Sunday, 10 May 2009

Short Story Challenge - Challenging

I never lack ideas, so it should have been easy. Unfortunately, I was supposed to write about something particular. I had to write a short story about "green issue." Now, I am all for saving the environment, but it's not the issue I would want to read or write fiction about. I know people write fiction for many reasons, but I have a simple reason.
Fiction = Fun
Green Issues = Not Fun
But I tried. I wasted over a week coming up with different ideas. But none of them were strong enough to turn into a story, and I think it's more because I don't want to write it that I just don't feel strongly enough about those ideas. So finally got sick of it, and emailed my tutor to ask if I can write about something else.
So I shall be starting my challenge work from scratch.
How are you guys progressing?


  1. Bah, I KNEW I was forgetting something!

    *Scurries off to his "ideas" folder*

    Keep at it! :-)


  2. I'm still working on one short story, but I also got an idea for a second one. I'll have to concentrate on the one however, or I won't get it done in time. Don't worry, you'll get something worked up soon enough.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one behind. I wanted to see if I could write a paranormal romance (you know, because I've never done that), and it was harder getting started than I thought it would be. Now I've got just over a thousand words written, and I keep second guessing myself because while I like the plot and how it's going, I'm not confident about my own "voice" with this genre. So I'm suffering an extreme bout of insecurity, I guess, which is making it difficult to keep moving (but I still like the idea, so I don't want to quit).

    It's definately "challenging"...that's for sure, but in a good way, I think...

    Good luck starting over! I'm very eco-conscious myself, but I think I'd have a hard time writing fiction about it too (though maybe a "this is what the world could be like if we do/don't change" sort of plot could be interesting...). I think the environmental issues would be more of a backdrop for the real story though.

  4. Adam, no skiving off in the first challenge so I hope you had a look in that ideas folder.

    Erik, that's great. Good luck and I look forward to your announcement of a finished story.

    Jamie, good luck with paranormal romance. If you have a plot, try to just plow ahead and finish the story. you can always smooth things over when you edit.

    I have got a beginning of a story, now if I can figure out how it ends, I will have a story. I shall keep you guys informed.

  5. With 526 words down with 3 weeks to go I'd like to say I'm right on track (or is it write on track?), but I'm not. The raw ideas are definitely there but the challenge to meet this deadline is certainly felt.

  6. Yeah, it is definitely turning out to be more challenging than I thought too. So good luck to us all.

  7. My story is (scantily) planned, and I'm currently forcing myself to write despite being knackered.

    In theory I'll have the first draft done today or tomorrow. :)

    Good luck, all!