Saturday, 31 October 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

Thanks very much to Matt at Pensive Sarcasm for this Kreative Blogger award. :) I do love blog awards. The Rules: 1. Copy the Kreativ Blogger picture and post it on your page. 2. Thank the person that gave the award to you and link back to their blog. 3. Write 7 things about you that we don't know. 4. Choose 7 other bloggers that you would like to give the award to. 5. Link to the bloggers that you chose. 6. Let your winners know that they have the lovely award!

7 Things You Don't Know About Me:

  1. My favourite colour is Green
  2. For outside coffee, Starbucks is my favourite
  3. And since I talked about coffee, to go with it, I love Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Glazed Munchkins
  4. I love old fashioned British accent. Not pinched-nose-royalty accent, but I suppose more standard accent that you hear on TV from more upscale newsreaders or documentary narrators, or Hugh Grant.
  5. I LOVE STARGATE S.G 1 and ATLANTIS (okay, some you may know this, but not all)
  6. I hate insects. All of them. I don't care if they exist out of my sight, but when they are in my space, or in my house, or in any indoor property that I happen to be in, I hate them.
  7. Contrary to popular trend, I didn't want to be a writer when I was a kid. It never even occured to me as a child to consider being a writer as an occupation.

7 Bloggers that I would like to pass this award to

  1. Jamie at Variety Pages - from posts on writing, her goals, and even samples of her writing, Jamie's blog makes an interesting and fun, and often thoughtful reading. I really enjoy it.
  2. C R Ward at Random Thoughts - C R usually has regular topics on her blog, which include writing, detailed descriptions and good deal of thoughts on particular forms of poetry (often unusual ones that I have never heard of), as well as samples of her writing.
  3. Lady Glamis at Innocent Flower - offers indepth post on all aspects of writing
  4. Shonna at Routine for Writers - Interesting posts about how you can make sure writing is a regular part of your life
  5. Todd Severin at My Writing Life - he offers more practical advice and shares his experience
  6. Erica at Laugh Write Play - I have only been following her blog for a short time, but I do enjoy her entries
  7. Three Amigos at The Literary Lab - If you haven't checked it out, do it now, and you will understand no explanation required.


  1. Hey, thanks for the award! How fun.

    I see you've bought a netbook. I got mine last year just in time for NaNoWriMo. Love it. Took it to the coffee shop today.

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate you thinking of me :) Well, I thoroughly enjoy your blog as well! I hate insects too! And I wanted to be a singer, actor, lawyer when I was a kid ;) Thanks again :)

  3. Wow! Thank you so much!!! On behalf of the Lit Lab, too, thank you! We don't post awards, but we're very happy when they're awarded. Thanks!

  4. I'm finally getting around to collecting this one - thanks so much, and I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I find yours very thoughtful and enjoyable as well. :-)

    I'll go check out the others too!