Friday, 23 October 2009

My Partner in Crime - Meet Finn

What were you expecting? My writing buddy? Well, in a manner of speaking that's who Finn is. Remember the post about netbooks? I couldn't wait. I had to have one. And so after research and reading your comments, I had three final choices: 1. Acer Aspire One 2. Samsung N140 (Thanks to Jamie) 3. Asus eee pc 1005H Both Samsung and Asus had far better battery life than Acer, and I didn't like the look of Acer as much as the other two, so I decided against Acer. Samsung N140 and Asus were pretty much in tie. Their specs were fairly similar, especially for my need. The final decision at the end was based on the fact that for pretty much the same thing, Samsung was £70 more expensive. So I went with Asus. It arrived yesterday, and because I feel so attached to it, I named it: Finn. Ok, it is weird to name a computer. I accept it. But hey, if you guys couldn't handle weirdness, you wouldn't be writers :P I have never named a computer before, but Finn is different. Glossy black, totally gorgeous, light as a book, and very handy. I started using it in the bus today, and it was incredibly easy to just keep it on my legs and carry on typing, despite all the potholes and mad drivers. I got rid of quite a few things it came with like MS Office Trial. The only thing I have installed are MS Office 2003 (which I already have) and Liquid Story Binder (A post about this later). Also, as mentioned in the earlier post, I have NOT activated Internet. I think that's wise decision. Otherwise there will be far less writing and much more surfing. Now, I am certain that I will win NaNo, because I can't resist using that little thing. And since I don't have a lot of distractions there (except for solitair and all those other basic games computers come with) I don't have much to do except write. Keyboard is very comfortable, and I really like the flat, mac type keys, as oppose to normal 3D keys. The screen, though small, isn't much of an issue with writing. In fact, for use in public places like buses, it is quite handy because it's more private. Ok, a good writer shouldn't depend on gadgets, but hey, if you got one, might as well enjoy it. :D So here are the pictures, all complete with my lovely wallpaper...


  1. I have an Asus eee PC too (I'm not sure which model.) Mine is red and I named her "Enid". I thought a netbook would be a good "writing buddy" too. But I stopped using it because I find it frustrating to type on the tiny keyboard.

    I think disabling the Internet access is a really good idea! If I give Enid another shot, I think I'll have to do that, too.

  2. Ooh, love the EEEs. :-)

    I'd have one if it wasn't for my enormous hands. Most regular sized laptop keyboards are a little small for me, never mind one of those. ;)

    I wish you and Finn a long and happy relationship!


  3. Ali, nice to know I am not the only one who names a computer :P. What size model do you have? I know a while ago, 7 to 9 inches netbooks were popular, so I guess their keyboards are probably much smaller. Mine is 10 inches, so the keyboard size is only 8% less than regular keyboard, which is fine for me.

    Thank you. I hope Finn and I will have a long and happy relationship too. I guess there are some disadvantages to being a man. I guess for most tallish men, netbooks would be a nightmare, especially since you are a writer. I do always tell my husband - when he calls me short - that good things come in small packages ;)

  4. Ooo...shiny!!! Many congratulations - if you're like me at all (which it seems you are at least a little), that little machine is going to revolutionize your writing. Many happy words to the both of you! :-)

  5. Congratulations on your new writing partner! I'm sure you and Finn will be very happy together. :-)

    I haven't named my current lap top, though I've named past computers. My daughter's lap top is named "the doctor" and she replaced all the default sounds with voice clips and tardis noises from the show.

  6. You're not alone in naming things. I named my first car (Red Rocket), my gps (Darla) and my wife even named her pillow (Pillow).

    If only there were no internet. Turning it off wouldn't be enough for me so long as I know how to turn it back on.

  7. I went with the Acer, as you know, but Finn's pretty gorgeous, I have to say. Now I want to name my netbook, too (I'm so suggestible) -- though I know it's a she and not a he.

    Here's to NaNoing and netbooks!


  8. Jamie, yeah it's shiny. hell to avoid finger prints and smudges though.

    C R - wow Doctor sound tracks sounds cool. I love Doctor Who (only with David Tenant though). But Torchwood soundtrack is even better.

    Matt - a pillow named pillow. That's so cute. I haven't set up Finn on our home network, it's not connected to our router either, and I have deleted all short-cuts icons for Internet and network connections, so while it won't be impossible to connect, it will take a bit of faffing about. Besides, I think since I have made up my mind from the beginning that Finn will be used only for writing, I should be okay.

    Yes, I did think Acer was worth being in final three. But because I also put emphasis on "pretty" computer, so just went for the shiny. So frivolous I know :P ...never to late to name your Netbook now.

  9. Enid is a 900HD model, with an 8.9 inch display.