Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Editing Frenzy Begins

For the next 44 days, I plan to go into editing frenzy. Getting fed up with plodding along, and procrastinating, and getting distracted, I have decided now it's time to take the NaNo approach to editing. So yesterday I came up with a new plan.

44 days for one full pass editing. This won't be a final version, but it will be a revision of the full novel, with emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Besides the obvious that I only have evenings and weekends to work, what are some of the challenges?
  • I plan to add a major plot layer, which will mean writing new material worth about 10K to 15K
  • It will also mean rewriting or tweaking many of the existing scenes to accomodate changes these plot layer will bring
  • I have got 302 pages to edit as of today, which with new words will probably push up higher
I have taken my schedule into consideration while making this plan. It's still ambitious for what I want to achieve in the time I have, but if I can focus - intensely - I can do it. Probably.

So here is the plan (and being such nice, lovely supporters that you are, feel free to use your whips when I flounder):
  • March 23 - March 28 = 34 Pages (Hey I have got plans for this Saturday)
  • March 29 - April 4 = 50 Pages
  • April 5 - April 11 = 54 Pages
  • April 12 - April 18 - 46 Pages
  • April 19 - April 25 = 46 Pages
  • April 26 - May 2 = 46 Pages
  • May 3 - May 5 = 26 Pages
Total Pages 302 (+whatever I add with new words)

Total Days 44

Why 44 days?
Because 6th is my birthday, so this is going to be my challenge for this year of my life, and my present to myself - and I might not let myself celebrate if I don't finish it, but haven't decided on that yet. Because for now, failure isn't an option.

So this evening, after work, Editing Frenzy Begins...


  1. Good luck, Dolly! I'm sure you'll nail it! :-)


  2. You can do it!! :-) And we'll all be cheering you on. What a great gift to give yourself for your birthday...onward!

  3. Thank you Jamie and Adam :-)

    And now off to begin the first day's work

  4. Sounds like you're ready to get serious! :-)

    I'll be cheering you on and I have no doubt you'll do it. What a great present to give yourself!

  5. Good Luck!! Take those words and show 'em who's boss!!

  6. C R,

    Thank god for you guys. When I said to my husband about this being a birthday present, he just gave me another one of those looks that says he has married a weirdo :P


    I like your attitude :-) First day was a success. So now marching on...

  7. What a great plan! And you can so do this!! 44 days? No problem. :) Good luck!

  8. Thanks Elana :-) Short term focus certainly seems to work better for me.