Sunday, 28 March 2010

2010 - Goals Update & Revision

Nearly 3 months into the new year, and already it seems like so much has changed and yet nothing has. Okay I am not trying to be cryptic here - but I suppose I feel like I have already learned a lot since January, about writing craft, about my processes, thought more about how to move forward - and yet, a lot of these have been internal shifts, mental awareness, so not necessarily much to show for it in my WIP. But internal shift is necessary to apply it in action. And now is the time for action - hence goals need some revision. 

These were my original goals. I have not gone for drastic changes, but I have reduced the list, and put more emphasis on developing my process. I could write two more new first drafts, but what good is that if I don't complete the first book to the best of my ability? The revision is about acknowledging requirement for change, and moving with the growth as oppose to sticking to old goals with rigidity. 

So the new goals 

  • Journal
  • Blog
  • Exercise
  • Website
  • Edit and Polish NaNo2009 WIP
  • Create a short list of agents
  • Prepare submission packages
  • Start submitting NaNo2009 WIP
  • Find an agent
  • Continue with WB course
  • Revise already completed short stories
  • Submit those short stories
  • NaNo2010 - full first draft
And this is the big one that is going to take the time that I was previously going to devote to second book 

  • Work systematically through various craft books and writing course materials to create my own writing/editing system. Experiment. Analyse. Understand. 

Optional Goals (which would be nice to accomplish but I won't worry about them)
Read extra 25 books
Finish outline for WIP 3 
Start editing WIP 2 


  1. Yay for the new goals! Good luck with 'em, I'm sure you'll nail 'em. :-)


  2. Now you're just reading my mind. LOL Earlier this afternoon, I wrote out tomorrow's goals post, and decided to just focus on getting my revisions done, an agent list made up and submissions out this summer. Talk about the same wavelength... ;-)

    Good luck with your "revised" goals...I'm seeing good things coming for both of us this year!

  3. Whew girl! You can do it! Those look like nice shiny goals ;o)

    I agree you and Jamie do have some great stuff in your future!!

  4. Adam,

    Thanks :-) Certainly plan to kick butt of those goals.

    It's just pure weird with our brains, but let's keep carrying on and seehow we go. :-)


    Thanks :-) And not just Jamie and I, you will be right there with us!