Sunday, 23 August 2009

August Word Count - 37K + Not Counting

I did decent job in the beginning of August, and reached word count of 37483 by 17th of August in my novels. But from 17th - 0. And it's most likely to stay that way for a while, because I am reevaluating forward plan. I have almost decided to let my Indian fictions alone for now, and focus only on Fantasy/Sci-fi (which for now is only Fantasy). In Fantasy, I have two complete first drafts, but I intend to replot both of them and make considerable changes, and I am plotting a new WIP for NaNo, so currently, I am just plotting, not writing. Sometimes it's tempting to start writing because I feel as if suddenly my word count ability would drift off, but I have also experienced first hand that directionless writing is not for me. So this time, I intend to attempt it right (for me) with detailed plotting. Unfortunately, detailed plotting takes time. I am not working on Epic Fantasy at all for now - just WIP 2 and the new WIP. For WIP 2, I have made a decision that would change everything. First draft is written from a female POV. I intend to change the story and make another character MC, a man. I think he has got more challenges to overcome than the female, so that should hopefully make a more interesting story. But if I don't start writing, I am never going to meet my 250K goal for 2009. Decisions! Decisions! But I think here, I might sacrifice quantity in favour of quality. How are your goals for August coming along?


  1. Yay for you!!! :D

    My goals are coming slowly, thanks to family drama/stress.

    Must learn to write through it... ;)


  2. Wow, 205k for the year! That's super impressive. Hope you can reach it! And what a big decision to change your MC! Good luck with all of that and the detailed plotting. Mapping stuff out is definitely time consuming, but pays off in the end.

  3. Thanks Adam. Good luck with yours.

    Lady Glamis,
    Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, I haven't reached the 250K word count yet. Reaching it would be impressive. Let's see how close I can get.

  4. I'm writing...not doing so well with the keeping track though. I need to add all that up this week, so I can see if I met my goal or not!

    Congrats on 37k, and good luck with the planning/plotting...