Thursday, 20 August 2009

Have you found your perfect genre? Is it one or more?

How many WIPs have you got going? Are they all of the same genre? How many genres have you tried writing? Why not just stick to one? A lot of the people whose blogs I follow write in more than one genre. Many of them are more logical choices like fantasy writers who also write sci-fi, or romance writers who write erotica or paranormal romance. But what makes you branch out? The first draft I ever wrote was historical romance. At the time (teenage years), I was really big on romances, especially historical. The next draft was Indian fiction. Then Fantasy. I also started plotting a sci-fi novel, though haven't written that yet. I tried different things as different ideas came to me. I read a variety of things, so I am interested in different genres. But after experimenting and by process of elimination, I have come to realise that category romance and erotica are not for me. Working on different genres at the same time - I have two conflicting views. First is that it's good to have multiple wips in different genres because you are thinking about completely different things. Negative thing is that it takes focus away from one genre. What's your experience?


  1. So far I've tried writing comedy, fantasy, science fiction, horror (albeit humorous), romance and crime. I intend to try every genre, partly out of curiosity, and partly because I have this voice in the back of my head saying "maybe you'll be a natural at writing XXXXXX". :)

    If I had to choose a genre though, it'd be fantasy. I enjoy reading fantasy more than any other genre, and I feel it's the genre I write best.

    I don't feel that trying other genres takes focus away from fantasy, I feel that it helps to expand my thinking. :)


  2. I've written fantasy. That's pretty much it. I have tried my hand at horror, but it just didn't suit me.

  3. My early writing was all science fiction and fantasy (and still is for my short stories). I think my writing focus changed when I started having trouble finding good sci fi or fantasy books to read and started reading more romance.

    Currently I have on the go an adventure fantasy; a science fiction romance; a paranormal romance; and an erotic romance.

    I also write a lot of poetry and believe it or not, this is the only time I have a problem switching genres. When I'm in a poet mind-set I have trouble writing prose, and when I'm in a prose mind-set I have trouble writing poetry.

  4. "I have this voice in the back of my head saying 'maybe you'll be a natural at writing XXXXXX'. "

    Adam's statement is exactly why I try writing in many genres. I keep thinking I'll just be a natural at something...though unfortunately, I think because I read across so many genres (and have all my life), I get a little too much cross-pollination for my own good.

    I like romance (category mostly, though I'd like to write suspense), and I have a suspicion that I'd be really good at horror (but I keep wondering if I want to let my brain fully open to going down those roads, if you know what I mean). Mystery is a ton of work, and the one genre I don't have any desire to write is fantasy (never have read much either).

    I have a hunch that if I'm willing to embrace the three, I'll eventually end up writing romance, erotica & horror. But I'll keep dabbling in the other genres, just to keep stretching and challenging my mind.
    Who knows what might happen? :-)

    Currently my WIP's are a romantic suspense, a category romance, an erotic short story & a romance that will either be category or mainstream when it's finished. I'll be starting a horror short story soon.

  5. Adam,

    That's fabulous that you have tried so many genres. I tried a mild romantic horror short story, but never got to proper horror.

    Funny, fantasy seems to be one of the most popular genres. At least amongst the blogging writers that I see. I wonder why? It's my favourite too.

    C R,
    I am the opposite. I started off with romance and going on towards Sci-fi/fantasy now.

    What made you go away from writing it?


    Perhaps you should let the horror writer within you out. I do firmly believe that any voice that's inside a writer naturally, is bound to make a deeper, passionate story. Just as long as you don't go practicing that horror in real life ;) you should be fine.