Sunday, 9 August 2009

Reward for Writing - A New Story

This Saturday and Sunday, I set myself a target of writing 2100 words on WIP 2, and as a reward for finishing that, I could then spend whatever time was left playing around with a new story. As far as motivation go, you can't get any better. So this is what happened: I had a name. Just a name that I wrote down on a post-it while ago. Then this weekend, I just had this urge to find out more about that character. But of course, word count had to come first. So I finished the word count, and then late nights were for character playing. I haven't figured out much yet, but I know that he belongs in the future, so SF novel then. I know what he looks like (dead gorgeous), and his personality. I know a bit about his family. So definitely not much, but it's a start. It's the beginning of a new acquaintance, which will eventually blossom into a very good friendship.


  1. Sounds good, LW!

    I love finding out more about a character. It's one of my favourite aspects of creating a new story. :-)


  2. Have fun learning more about your new character.

  3. Thanks Adam, Kerrie. Looking forward to the process.