Saturday, 8 August 2009

WIP 1 - A Mountain of Changes

First draft written about 5 years ago = word count about 200K 2009 = read through, decided to delete one of the four major characters. word count = 109K Just taking out one major character reduced the size of the book by half, because it not only took out scenes with that character, but several minor characters which were introduced as relation to that character Read through the story again Decided to change the relationship of 3 main characters from best-friends to sisters. Why? First, it will get rid of many supportive characters, because the three MCs will share relatives, as oppose to having each individual families Second, more scope for having scenes with them together. Best-friends who have no problems with each other don't make much of a story. That relationship made three parallel stories. With them as a sister, their stories will be more connected. I hope. So the edit has become more of a re-write, but I hope the story will be the stronger for it.


  1. Sounds good, LW. :-)

    Hope it all turns out for the best.


  2. I think when authors put some time between themselves and their first draft and then go back to it to rework/cut/kill their darlings, the final result is a great book--not just a good book.
    Good luck and keep writing.