Sunday, 1 November 2009

First Day of NaNoWriMo Over and the Word Count is...

I stopped writing at about 11:40ish at night, and final word count 8376. To be honest, from later part of the evening I was far less productive, taking like 3 hours to write 500 words, because at that point I could feel the tiredness, and my brain didn't want to focus. So even though I was hoping to reach 10K, I stopped when I finished the point in my outline. Of course I am not complaining, because 8376 is a very good start. Working week starts tomorrow, and unfortunately for me, I have got work related plans on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I don't know how much time I will get in the evenings. Tomorrow's minimum word count goal is 2200 words. How did your first day go? Do you have set word goals for each day?


  1. Wow! I am SO impressed!

    I'm 1 hour and 81 words in. :( Not getting off to the best start!

    Kudos to you!!

  2. HOLY FREAKIN COW!! Okay, thanks for making the rest of look so weak :D Just kidding. That is so awesome. I didn't do too bad myself for the first day though. I managed just over 2900. Nice job.

  3. Aimee, the important thing is that you started. Little each day goes a long way. :) So good luck, and carry on.

    Eric, congratulations. 2900 isn't bad at all, seeing as you only need to do 1667 to reach 50K in a month. I just got carried away because I had been so excited about NaNo for weeks. :P

  4. Great job on the huge word count! With your weekday scheduling issues, that should come in very handy. :-)

    I went to the write-in last night, which turned out to be just myself and one other girl. We chatted for a bit, and then just got to writing...I ended up with a respectable 2,409 for the day with my early morning words included. I was surprised at how easy it was to focus, but it was super-quiet in the bookstore coffee shop. Certainly took less effort to get "in the zone" than at the bar with hubby on Weds nights. ;-) I'll go to another one next Saturday night.

    I'm trying for a goal of 2000 words per day, because there will inevitably be days I miss this month. That gives me a bit of padding.

  5. I am also going for 2000 words a day to give padding for work related interruptions.

    My grand total was 2488 for day 1. I was very proud of myself, but seeing an 8000+ wordcount, I'm way jealous and so need to do better.

    Thanks for the motivational push in the right direction!


  6. WOW!! That's awesome. actually I saw it on the NaNo website and thought your first word count was impressive, but this... Woo Hoo!!

    Seriously- awesome start! Go Go Go :)

    I'm at 3384. I think I'll try for 2000, like Jamie- it's a nice round number :) Keep up the great work!!

  7. Jamie,
    book store/coffee shop sounds cool. Ours is in bar/cafe/events venue. Let's see if I actually attend one. Good word count for write-in. And I think cushioning is a good idea too, just in case you have a bad day.

    Happy to give you a push in the right direction. I feel the same when I see word counts of people who write a lot more than I do.

    Thanks. Good luck with your word count. 2000 words sound good. I try to keep my weekday count about the same. I picked 2200 just randomly, but sounds nice. ;)