Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Third Day of NaNoWriMo and How is it going?

Today was definitely the hardest. This morning I managed to write 600 words in the bus on my way to work, that was great. Gave me a very good feeling of productivity. Then, no time for writing during the day. And in the evening, at first I got distracted and then I was really tired. DVD itself didn't take long, so I had time to go for my word count, but just found it really really hard to focus. That's where the spreadsheet comes in handy. I had decided that I wanted to get to 15000 today. So I kept adding my word count to my overall total at every few hundred words. What this did was that everytime, it showed me a lower number that I needed to write to get to 15000. So I kept pushing myself, saying just a bit more. In the end, it came to 38 words more, and then 9 words more. This is the word count for my first three days: 1/11 = 8376 2/11 = 4361 3/11 = 2267 When I look at it, it looks like a downward trent, but of course I know that it isn't true. It's simply dependent on my circumstances. So I am definitely happy with my GRAND TOTAL OF 15004 words. between 65K to 70K left to write to finish the full first draft. Tomorrow's target: 2200


  1. Great progress. I like the method of subtraction; it makes it easier when you know you're almost to your goal.

  2. Way to go! I am SO far behind you! ;) I am on target though so that's good. :)

  3. Holy Toledo! That is a fabulous word count!!! You are just amazing :)

    I love that you wrote 600 words on the bus!

    My piddly little number is envious of your enormous number :)

  4. Don't feel too bad, Wanderer. I made the mistake of changing where I was writing, so I barely managed a meager 300 words. Note to self, stick with what works. In any event, keep it up. You're still doing tons better than so many others of us.

  5. Wow. I feel pathetic. I wish I rode a bus instead of driving to work so I could write on the way to and from work. That would rock and totally jack up my word count!

  6. Tara,
    Yes substraction method especially works when I am having real hard time carrying on.

    Congrats for staying on target. That's what matters.

    Finn is coming in real hadny for writing on the bus. It's quite amazing actually, because I have done it three times so far, and I have produced between 400 to 600 words in my 30-40 minutes journey. I think it's because there are no distractions. I have nothing to do except sit there and write.

    Definitely stick to what works, though I guess sometimes it's worth trying new things just in case they work better. Hope you are having fun with your NaNo.

    No need to feel pathetic at all. I am sure you will meet your goals and that's what matters. Haha...you may wish for bus for writing, but not so fun waiting for them in freezing cold or worse, rain. ;)

  7. Day three was a tough one for me too--i think I had a crisis of faith. I ended up taking the day off after only 500 words just to think about the book, and then today got right back at it. Hugs and good luck!