Sunday, 29 November 2009

NaNoWriMo Finish & Some Statistics

Today I finished the first draft of my NaNo novel. I am not perfectly happy, but then I never am towards the end, because by the time I get to the end I know all sorts of things that are wrong with it. However, I am glad that I finished my goal, and I do have a completed first draft. It's 81539 words, so about 6k less than I was expecting, but I know there is plenty of material to add so that's no big deal.
So some statistics: WK 1 = 27561 words WK 2 = 26933 words WK 3 = 16166 words WK 4 = 10865 words I am sure you spotted the downwards trend there. Highest Word Count Per Day 8376 on 1st of November Lowest Word Count Per Day 131 on 22nd of November I am going to leave the story to rest for a few weeks, but I am considering a major change. Currently it's written in multiple POV, with main character's POV for the most part, and couple of other characters POV on minor scale - I am thinking about changing it to first person POV, because I feel that would make a better story. But just to make sure that it's not a spur of the moment thing because I am spotting lots of issues, I will wait for a while and then read through the story and make the final decision. So that's all folks. That's NaNo over. Now I had better decide what I am going to work on, so I don't drift away from writing habit.


  1. Congrats on getting so far in one month. I'm interested to see what happens with your story. And I'm glad you're going to let it rest for a bit before hacking into it. :]

  2. Congrats on the win and the continued writing! No matter if you slowed or not, you reached that "finish line" and that's awesome!!

  3. Still love the new blog design. Very clean and readable.

    In my 48 years I've never written 8K words in one day of ANYTHING -- fiction, nonfiction, professional writing, nada.

    (But I did finish my first-ever NaNoWriMo, so I'm counting that a win.)



  4. Tara,

    I am sure I will keep you guys posted about the story. I know it's a keeper, and it's one that I would definitely like to bring it to publishable standard. I also know that main storyline won't change now (done that already), but yeah format might change.


    Thanks. Yes, I have to say NaNo does work for me. I will have to try do it again soon. Next November is too far away.


    Thanks. I like this new look myself, though initially I was partial to Black background.

    8K on the first day was due to initial NaNo excitement, since I had been waiting for weeks to start. :-) Shame never managed that again.

  5. Many congrats on finishing the draft! Great job...that's a lotta words!

    I sprinted to the finish line very early this morning (1:21am, LOL)...what a rush! Now I need to finish my draft, but that will happen at a far more leisurely pace. :-)

    Enjoy your rest...and the excitement of a shiny new idea!

  6. You are awesome. I didn't finish this year actually (long story, just posted something about it), but I had fun during the process. Maybe next year I'll be cool like you :)