Wednesday, 9 December 2009

2010 Reading Challenge

I am too tired to do a proper post, so just a little announcement and something for you guys to think about. I started keeping a record of books I finished reading since July 27, 2009. I just wanted to see how quickly I go through them, and basically just keep tabs on my reading. (I like lists) And now I love the list, because what I found suprised me. I keep this list updated on the blog. This is the post, and the link is available under "ongoing stuff" in the sidebar. So in just over four months, I have read 33 books. Hurray for that. And that leads me to think about 2010, because I actually want to set a reading goal too. Initially I was thinking 101 books. I can do it. HOWEVER...I must remember that I am supposed to be writing more. So I have decided on more realistic 75. And this reading challenge is what I would like you to invite for. Of course you don't have to read 75 books. You can pick any number that is good for you. But join the challenge, and we can keep each other posted. And maybe even do some blog chains for the books we read or something. Have a little think, and hope to do this with some of you. Meanwhile, how is your reading going?


  1. Hmm. A reading challenge, eh? Sounds like an excellent idea to me! I read so many books that it would be interesting to keep track to see exactly how many.

    In the interest of keep up my blogging and other writing, I'll set a goal of 52 books for the year.

    Right now my reading's going great, but that's mostly because I haven't got my lap top back yet. :-)

  2. I love it! I keep track of my books through Good Reads and Virtual Library, but that doesn't tell me when I'm reading what; I mostly use it to keep lists of what I want to read next.

    With the exception of this last month, I've been reading about 5 books a month. So I'll try for 60 books next year and see what happens!

  3. Good idea - maybe this will get me to actually keep track of what I'm reading!

    Let's see...I read at least 8 books per month this year (Harl. subscriptions), so that's 96 so far. But they were all ebooks, and I recently switched one of those to paperbacks, which take me longer ('cause I can't sneak them in at work like ebooks on my PDA). That's not counting the mainstream paperbacks I read...

    I think I'll set my goal at 100 even for 2010. I should be able to get that done even if I'm a bit slower on the paperbacks.

    Must create spreadsheet for next year...

  4. C R / Alissa / Jamie,

    Excellent :-) Great targets. Looking forward to hearing about what you read.

    I am going to make an effort to read more non-fiction which usually takes longer than fiction. But worth it hopefully.