Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Goals for Next 10 Days

Why 10 days? Because I have decided to start editing my NaNo novel from 12th of December since it’s a Saturday. I considered leaving it for a bit longer, but I am not going to hurry with editing anyway, and I might even take a break in-between drafts. But I at least want to review it quickly to decide what I am going to do about POV. So in the meantime my goals are: Writing
  • Review half-finished WIP, RAN (none of my WIPs have titles, so I use acronyms from either character initials or place initials), and organise written scenes in separate files. Then work on an outline
  • Work on outline for yet another half-finished WIP, SIM. Just look at it, not necessarily complete it.
  • Brainstorm the shiny new idea
  • Brainstorm something for next WB assignment
  • Resubmit a couple of rejected short stories (I just tend to ignore them when they are rejected once, so I really should make the effort to find new markets)


  • Finish Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman
  • Finish Gilgamesh
  • Read tips about editing a book


  • Work on the scrapbook for my sister’s present
  • Buy few remaining Christmas presents
  • Post International Christmas Cards


  • Blog regularly as per usual on Writing Blog, and make sure to read and comment on other blogs (this slipped a little during NaNo)
  • At least one entry on Journal Blog


  • Finish organising books that have currently turned my living room floor into an obstacle course
  • Email neglected friends/family during NaNo
  • Journal


  • Play Sims 3

And even as I wrote the whole list, it occurs to me that I am going to have a hell of a time finishing all of that in ten days. So let’s see how far I get with this stuff.


  1. Wow! Just seeing all that in a list makes me tired! You are going to be a busy gal :o)

    I love that made room for Sims 3!!

  2. LoL..I thought it was kind of pathetic that I was adding "fun" as a goal

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