Monday, 21 December 2009

New Year Pre-Planning

As mentioned previously, editing currently is pretty much on stop. I do hope to start again soon, and properly this time, but that's why I am going to wait until after Christmas, so I can start making regular effort, every day. The weekend was spent mostly working on a scrapbook for my sister's present, but I also made an overall plan of my goals for 2010 - 17 in total. I figured that since currently, I am not really focusing on editing or writing with all the Christmas stuff going on, I might as well plan when I am going to do those things. So the yearly plan is in progress and while it is not set in stone, I hope to achieve at least most of those things. Still working on it, so I will post those goals later. With writing, I am not on a total break. Still working on brainstorming for the new book, and hopefully I can finish at least one WB Assignment in December. I am using my NaNo Novel to do that assignment so it should give me bit more perspective on the story. I absolutely love making this plan for 2010 - makes me feel like the new year is full of possibilities. of course also makes me see that I have got a lot of stuff to do, so better get on with it. Are you making goals for 2010?


  1. Ooh, I'm totally gonna have to do a goal post on January 1st. :D

    My goals (subject to change):

    * Write more!
    * Write better!
    * Get at least 2 books polished and begin submitting them.
    * Read more.

    That's about it for now. I'll have to think on it. ;-)


  2. Happy planning! I always do a resolutions post on Jan. 1st, and have been thinking about my goals for the past couple of weeks. Lots of writing-related ones this year, for sure.

    Good luck getting everything done for the holidays...

  3. Good luck with your planning for 2010 - 17 goals sounds like a lot!

    I'll have to start thinking about goals for next year . . . starting with getting better organized. :-)

  4. Wow 17!! That's great. Good Luck with all those! I haven't really made any - my plan next year - get a new day job! Exercise more blah blah - I'm going to start editing my NaNo novel in January!

    Happy Holidays :o)

  5. Adam, excellent goals. Can't go wrong with that.

    Jamie, I am planning to do a resolution post, but I want to be careful because I get bit carried away with setting goals and think I have a lot to do, and then find then I can't actually do all of that in my set time.

    CR, yes 17 goals is beginning to sound a lot to me too :P

    Erica, I have got exercise on my list too. Though in my case it's more of actually doing it, as oppose to doing more, and that's the one that I am most likely to fail at. :(