Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Blogging about Blogs - What do you like?

I follow a lot of blogs – so many that I don’t know how many exactly. I just check them through Blogger’s dashboard. Of course there are some I like more than the others; there are some blogs that I consciously remember to check, and the ones that I try to read even when I am very busy, and try to comment every time. Then there are others that I just skim through and only make occasional comments. There are professional blogs, newbie blogs, and in-betweeners blogs. So judging from that, I think I know well enough now what I enjoy and what I don’t. Though I follow blogs that have nothing to do with writing, for the purposes of this post, I am going to focus only on writing related blogs. Professional Blogs This is based on my definition, which people who are well established into their profession. If you have one short story published, you are technically a professional, but not for my purposes because you don’t have enough industry experience. (and no offense intended since you are way ahead than me) What I like from these is facts, and advice from professionals. Editors, publishers, agents – they know what they are talking about, so if they are talking about an issue that I am interested in or confused about, I read it. Granted, I don’t read every post, because I don’t have the time. But I know they are there when I need to go and look up something particular. Non-Professional Blogs (everyone else) These are actually the most important blogs of my blogging experience. While I may find useful information from professional blogs, these are the blogs I love. Because through the blogs, these are the people I get to know These are also the blogs that I try to stick by when I am short of time. These are the ones I take my time to comment. I rarely comment on professional blogs, because there are always hundreds of comments, and I don’t think adding mine makes any difference. I love reading about people’s personal journey as a writer. Each of us comes from different backgrounds, and we all began writing under different circumstances. We learn things differently. So I find it totally fascinating to read about people’s personal experiences. When I read these blogs, I am looking to get to know you, or at least the writer part of you. I am looking to read in your own unique voice. I especially love reading about lessons on writing that stem from experience. For example, when I wrote posts about outlining, it was after my own experiments. That brings me to what I don’t like – I don’t like reading posts when people post very professional sounding writing essays on their blogs. It’s not because they aren’t good or that they don’t make sense. But it’s simply because all these essays are no different than what I have read in all the writing craft books. They don’t tell me what these bloggers have learned from experience. They only tell me theories. Personal experience is the key ingredient in all of my favourite blogs. They all talk about what they are doing, and what they have learned from their mistakes. They talk about what they have tried and what works for them. Through these posts, not only I learn some valuable things about writing that I know are tried and tested, but I also learn about the bloggers as people. I get to know little bit more about them. And since starting to focus on making writing hobby into a career, I have pretty much given up social life (voluntarily because it wastes a lot of my time) my Internet friends/acquaintances are of a great social importance to me. How about you? What do you love about the blogs you follow and what annoys you?


  1. Nice post, LW. :)

    I love blogs that don't take themselves too seriously (like mine). While I do read the odd "professional" writing blog, almost all of the blogs I follow are by amateur/new writers like me. I enjoy reading about how they're getting on and drawing comparisons to my own stuff. :)

    As for what I don't like, I can't stand people who try and force a particular viewpoint, whether that viewpoint is about writing, politics, religion or sponge cakes. You preach, I'm gone.


  2. I like people who have something to say (other than 'notice me'), people who have an interesting voice, people who are funny, people who use detail well, people who tell the truth about their lives.

    I don't like people who whinge.

  3. I love blogs that add something unique and don't try to be something they're not.

    Sometimes I think I sound a little uppity on mine, and I'm working on that...because I totally agree with you. Until we've gotten the publication goal, we honestly have only a very small clue. :)

    Great post.

  4. Adam, totally agree. That's why new writers blogs are my favourite - including yours of course :)

    Brian, very true. With the freedom of Internet there are plenty of people who are determined to announce most minute details of that life. Since I have never been a fan of Big Brother, I am not interested in reading that sort of thing either.

    Jenna, Yes being oneself is the key. After all, as writers, finding our own unique voice is our essential goal so that should apply to blogging.

  5. Excellent post - and I heartily agree! I love reading writers' blogs where I feel like I'm part of their experience, going through a journey with them. It feels like we're all one big community of writers, that way. I heart the Internet. lol

  6. Great post! I agree with you. I do peruse (yeah I said peruse...LOL) the professional blogs sometimes, but the ones I love are the same ones you do.

    They have stuff about writing, but they talk about themselves, maybe add in something here and there about something else they care about. It's such a cool thing to see into other writer's/people's journey. Not one will be the same, and so each time, I learn something new :o)

    And... I've met some amazing people that I know will be there through the ups and downs of this career choice - that is invaluable!

  7. This is a great post! While I follow a few professional blogs I have to admit I prefer the non-professional blogs.

    I love hearing about the lives and writing processes of other struggling writers, it makes me feel less alone.

    What annoys me? Blogs of professional writers that turn into "Oh, look at how wonderful I am." They share nothing of themselves or their writing process, they just pat themselves on the back because they're published.