Sunday, 9 January 2011

NaNo2010 Draft Finished

I have surprised myself by having completed NaNo novel tonight. I was expecting to finish it by end of next week, but today, even after I had finished my target of 1000 words, I felt that the end was closer, so kept writing. 2352 words later, the novel is finished. 

Final word count is 89603 words. 

It will need a lot of editing, I have no doubt of that. There will be cuts, and quite a bit of setting details need to be added. But I am going to leave it for at least two weeks to give myself some distance before starting the next draft. For now, I am just happy that it's finished. 


  1. Congratulations! :-) Well, done!
    How many pages are 89603 words?

  2. That's great news Dolly, and well done! :)
    You know I returned to my NaNo yesterday, only to have a quick browse through it, and even though it's got two splitting stories, I'm not sure which I prefer. I left it for the time being.

  3. Nofretiri,

    It's 259 pages in MS word, Ariel 11.


    I am sure you will know which one to work on when the time comes. Sometime stories just need some time.