Monday, 3 January 2011

Weekly Goals

Since it's Week 1, I figured I will do a Weekly Goal post. I have just made a list of all the things I need to do, so here I will share those goals.

- At least two posts on Writer Revealed (this counts ;)
- At least two posts on Journal Addict

- Finish reading Arctic Drift by Clive Cussler (P. 344 - P. 578)
- Read F. Scott Fitzgerald on Authorship at least up to P. 55

- lots of mess - mostly papers that really need sorting

- Do fitness test on MFC

- Renew website hosting
- Check if domain needs renewing

Writing - NaNo2010
- Monday 300 words
- Tuesday 300 words
- Wednesday 300 words
- Thursday 300 words
- Friday 300 words
- Saturday 1000 words
- Sunday 1000 words

I have a list of secondary goals too that I could work on if I do finish all of these, but it's sufficient to be getting on with, since it will also be first week back to work - and so not looking forward to that. 

Seems finally I am in the New Year, and beginning to get into groove of things. How are things coming along for you? 


  1. Yay for grooves! And you reminded me, I need to check on my hosting and domain renewals too...

    Good luck this week - looks like a very productive list. :-)

  2. Thanks Jamie :-) After vacation, Christmas, and more than a week-long flu, it's nice to start getting into things again.

  3. Girl, and you call my list long! :-)

    *thinking* With my daily themes I might have a good structure for regular blogging, but you're right, I should make something similar with writing! Thanks for that inspiration!

  4. Nofretiri - and this isn't even the full list :P I don't know, things just seem to add themselves.

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