Wednesday, 12 January 2011

So you think you are a book-o-holic?

I could have had this...

But instead I chose this...


  1. What should I say ... in some areas I love to stick to the 'oldfashioned' way! It has to do with the feeling of having a wonderful book in your hand, turning page after page, feeling the excitement and a little sadness coming closer to the end of the book and finally seeing the book in your bookshelves! None of those modern gadgets can offer you these experiences! AND, not to forget, books never have a low battery status! ;-)

  2. I completely agree. I love gadgets - but with books, journals etc. I shall forever remain old-fashioned. It's so amazing to have this huge pile of books around me ;) Of course now I have to find a place to put them somewhere.

  3. Wise choice!

    I wouldn't turn down an e-reader if I was given one, but if someone gave me the money I'd probably spend it on books as well. And even if I did get an e-reader, it would never replace the books in my bookcases.

  4. Totally agree Carol. I know that if I have an e-reader, it will be like all my other gadgets. Used sometimes, and ignored most of the times. But it would never replace "proper" books. :-)

  5. I used to be of the same opinion...years ago. LOL I'm in love with my Kindle now, even though I do still read print books occasionally, I really prefer not having to wrestle pages & break spines (I've always been a spine-breaker) to get to the story.

    I love the way my books look on the shelves, and I won't ever *not* have a bunch of print books (including my own) in the house, but anymore, I buy print as a keepsake, and often get the digital copy to read.

    Never thought I'd say that...but there it is. LOL

    Congratulations on all those books! What a great haul... :-)

  6. Jamie,

    I know I am fighting a losing battle with this e-book revolution, but in this one, I gotta stay old-fashioned, and keep fighting :P I wouldn't actually mind e-books so much if they didn't impact the paper book industry, but they do, and I so fear that in my life time I would see paperbooks replaced by e-books, and so I am gonna hoard them while I can ;)