Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Selecting a New Project

Now that my NaNo Novel is finished - at least this draft - it's time to select a new project to work on while I let it rest for a bit before starting editing. I have decided to leave it for minimum 2 weeks or maximum 4 weeks. I don't know which yet. It will depend on how things go with the new project.

My plan is to use these 2-4 weeks to:
1. Decide which novel I will work on
2. Brainstorm
3. Have at least initial, basic outline in place

Deciding which novel I will work on is the first step. I have a lot of projects at various stages, ranging from a single idea to half-finished books that need rewrites. I have decided that I want to work on something new. In the last couple of years, I have learned a lot of new things, and I hope improved as a writer, but it's been a messy process of discovery. So I want to know if things become more efficient with a new project, because I will be starting with a clean slate.

So that narrowed me down to four projects. One Urban Fantasy, One Fantasy, Two Science Fiction - one of them possibly Space Opera type.

Then I thought about those four projects. The Fantasy one is quite well developed idea, and I already had a rough outline in place. But since then, I have decided to change bits of plot, characters, and so it will require major changes in that outline. I feel like I have too much information for that project - both old and new - so it doesn't feel too much of a clean slate. So I have eliminated that.

One of the science fiction (not Space Opera type) is too new. The strongest thing I have for that is the main character. He is the one I know - but all the other characters are bit vague at the moment, and I haven't got a firm direction for plot. There is hardly any information there, so I have eliminated that. The story I have in mind is quite an ambitious one, and it will certainly be considerably long one I think, so I think this idea needs some time to stew.

That leaves me with the Urban Fantasy and Sci-fi (space-operaish). Between these two, I need to make a decision.

For Urban Fantasy, I have the main characters, couple of supporting characters, back story for the MC, and some knowledge of what kind of story I want it to be. I have main conflict, but not the exact details of MC's role - well, more accurately her occupation or how will she be involved. I haven't got a full plot either. So for this, I have just enough to get started with, but not enough information that it still feels like a brand new project.

For the sci-fi one, I have even less info. I have the MC, and I have his situation. Those are the absolute firm things, and I am happy with that. But there is no plot at the moment. I have vague ideas of the kind of story I want, but without details. So this is also a brand new project.

Both of these should be of equal length - probably around 90K, so whichever one I pick, should take about the same sort of time. That will be an experiment in itself, as I am hoping to write this draft at the same time as revising my NaNo draft. I have done simultaneous projects before, but not with daily discipline, so it will be a challenge to do equal justice to both projects, or even figure out how I am going to manage the time. But I will keep you guys posted.

For now....it's decision time. Urban Fantasy or Sci-fi? I will know in a day or two.


  1. Good luck with deciding on your project. I was in that situation last year. I just kept working on two of them, and eventually one just took over and decided it for me.

  2. *Pre-school psychology mode*

    Given that you put the urban fantasy before the sci-fi, I'm going with that one. ;)

    Best o' luck!


  3. Tough choice to make! Best of luck deciding. :-)

  4. I'd definitely go with the Urban Fantasy thing! (I'm biased because that's what I'm writing now, mainly ;)).