Friday, 7 January 2011

What Happened to Your NaNo Words?

Remember last November? The clock hand announced midnight and many of us - after a quick squal of excitement - began to pound the keys. It was a great month. I love NaNo, with accumulation of crazy writerly spirit that seems to spread around the world. Whether you officially won NaNo or not, doesn't matter. Though if you did win, congratulations. What matters is that at the end of it, you had something.

What was it? Short stories, partial book, a script? Where is it now? Have you finished it? Abandoned it? Are you finishing it? Whatever happened to all those words?

I am currently working on my NaNo novel. After unproductive December (barely 2000 words in total), January is going to be better. (YES IT IS). I wrote over 80K during November, so I don't have long to go. There are 4 scenes left. I don't know how many words it will take exactly, but no more than 10K - and even that's probably pushing it. So I hope to fnish my NaNo draft by end of January.

What about you? What are you going to do with your NaNo words?


  1. Hello Dolly,

    Happy to hear you have returned to your NaNo and are working on it.

    I have yet to look at it and return to it.

    It has been on my mind lately. I feel am not quite ready for it just yet.

  2. What I managed with NaNo was about 2/3 of my story. After December break, I feel that these days my mind is open again to continue writing and ... one of my New Year's Resolutions is to finish that story/book!

  3. For a change, my NaNo was pretty much complete. As in no glaring plot holes. However, it has two other NaNos in front of it waiting to be edited. ;-)

  4. Ana,

    I am sure you will know it when it's right time for you.


    Good luck with the rest of your NaNo novel. I am sure you will finish it.

    C R,

    Great job :-) Congratulations on such a productive NaNo.

  5. Good luck finishing up, Dolly - you deserved a break in Dec. after all that work you raced through in Nov.! :-)

    I didn't even come close to winning (my effort was pathetic, looking back, but I have year's like that). But the first 10 pages are in the hands of local crit partners, and I'm working on the draft 1k words per week at the moment. Certainly not speedy progress by any means, but it will eventually get finished.

  6. Jamie,

    Thanks :-) Never mind about slow - slow and steady wins the race. I am sure you will finish it, and it's not like you haven't got your hands full of projects already.

  7. I'm struggling to finish my NaNoWriMo novel. I have a few key scenes left and the ultimate showdown scene at the end. Always finding a distraction - twitter, blogs, etc. Damn it!

  8. Ruth,

    Yeah I have the same problem. :P That's why I have set smaller goals now, to make some progress every day.