Monday, 28 September 2009

A Hobby to Replace a Hobby

Writing used to be my hobby. It was something I did it in my free time, for fun. It is still something I do it in my free time. It is still fun (most of the times). But it is no longer a hobby. Now it's a dream of a lifetime. An ambition to achieve. Something to strive for. Recently it occured to me - when I was beating myself up for not being productive - that all the obsessing doesn't help. If I am not writing for whatever reason, moaning at myself (mentally) is hardly going to make me creative. So I decided that in those times, I needed to do something that was relaxing, fun but also something that would help me loosen up and be creative at the same time. And the answer was already there in the back of my mind, on a long list of things I would like to try - Art Journaling, Drawing, Painting. I am obsessive about journaling, but I want to take it to a different level by including art rather than just words. I enjoy drawing/painting, but I am not very good, so I need to learn. And as a result a new blog is born. Journal Addict is my blog to record a different journey. All about journaling and creativity. It's about being creative without obsessing about success - because I only want to be a paid writer, not necessarily a paid artist. It's about fun, joy, and the pleasure of making something with your own hand. So if you fancy a look, pop over and see if you enjoy it.


  1. Excellent idea! Just "followed" you over there...looking forward reading more. :-)

  2. I really enjoyed what I've read so far of your journaling blog - keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you Jamie.
    Thank you C R.
    Glad to see you both at the Journaling blog.

  4. ." And as for housekeeping - the only people who keep perfect house are the ones who haven't got better things to do :P (That's the excuse I am sticking with)"

    I'm thinking a new journal blog is definitely a much better thing to do.

  5. Midlife, in my opinion (coming from a totally undomesticated woman), housework comes way below things like blogging :P