Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Fellow Blogger C R Ward has given me "Honest Scrap Award" for which I am most honoured.
Rules: 10 honest comments about yourself pass the blog onto seven worthy people
  1. Getting blog awards make me very happy, because it tells me that someone likes my blog enough to make that effort.
  2. I don’t mind Starbucks taking over the world. Despite my love of travel and experiencing different cultures, I like the consistency of taste in my coffee
  3. I am very possessive of my things and of my time.
  4. If Virtual Reality technology comes to full force in my life-time, there will be trouble, because I love dreaming. Living in dream world is much easier than working to make the dreams come true.
  5. I get cravings for chocolates and for spicy food. Usually not at the same time.
  6. I want to see a whole shelf in a book shop, with my name on the books.
  7. While essentials of my personality remain unchanged, I am still trying to figure out my values and beliefs – they have changed considerably from teenage to adult phase.
  8. I hate phones. The only thing I like about a mobile phone is that I can use it for SMS.
  9. I love Taco Bell’s Hot Sauce. I get my family to bring bags over every time they see me, and I always bring some back when I go to USA. I can use that sauce with practically anything. (I have run out, and won’t get more till December. L)
  10. I have never tried any alcoholic drinks, and never been tempted. The control freak in me doesn’t want to weaken my mental state by drinking.

There are plenty of good blogs I follow and plenty that inspire me and teach me a lot, but as this award is for honesty, I am passing it on to three people whom I feel I have come to know because of their blogs. Their posts reflect their voice. It makes me feel that I know them as more than some blogger miles away. It makes them stand out as a person, each unique and individual. Jamie @ Variety Pages: I know she has already been nominated by C R, but she still gets my nomination. With her regular posts on updates of her goals, progresses and stumbles, and chapters of her writing, her blog is full of her honest journey as a writer, and as a person. Adam @ The Editing Hat: He writes, he screams, he babbles, he shares his joys and troubles, and he celebrates other people’s successes on his blog. There is nothing pretentious about his blog – just pure Adam. Eric @ Working My Muse: He shares his journey with the rest of us, and in the process raises interesting questions. Sometimes he knows the answers, and sometimes he doesn’t, but he still makes us think. His blog reflects the knowledge he is gathering as a writer, and the passion he has for writing.


  1. Wow - that is so sweet! Thanks so much...and here I was going to send it right over here when I posted on it. You beat me! :-)

    I'm right with you on the control-freak thing...I drink, but always under strict control. With you on the cell phone thing too - don't have one, don't plan to get one.

    So...where should I send the Taco Bell sauce to? :-)

  2. Wow, thank you very much for this. I'm truly honored. Oh, incidentally if you need more Taco Bell sauce, yell out. I'll make a special trip to send you some :)

  3. Awww...Jamie, thanks for the offer. If I have emotional breakdown due to Taco Bell Sauce Deprivation, I know who to contact.

  4. Eric, your comment came just as I posted response to Jamie's. Thank you very much for your offer. You guys are so sweet. :) But I think I can manage till December.

  5. Only just spotted this. :-)

    Thanks very much! :D