Saturday, 26 September 2009

Writers Bureau Progress

I just sent off assignment F9 for Writers Bureau, a short story assignment. While updating my spreadsheet, I checked over the dates of all the assignments and here is the productivity measure: Assignments/Submission Date 1/ March 1 2/ March 14 3/ March 26 4/ March 30 5/ April 10 6/ April 13 7/ April 14 8/ July 5 9/ September 26 March and April were clearly the most productive, because at the time my main focus was on these assignments. Then the next three months were focused on my books, so the assignment pace slowed. But even so, I am quite satisfied with my speed. As far as I am aware, I think the next assignment will the last fiction assignment. I know that will take me ages, because I have got to write a partial script, and since I have never attempted a script, no idea where to start, and haven't yet thought of a story. But it should be a good experience. Though this course isn't a miraculous cure for publishing, because of it, I have tried many different forms of writing, which I would probably never had tried on my own initiative. It has increased my general knowledge about different forms of writing, and of course now I know from experience what I like or don't like. So the script thing should be an interesting experience too. What have you learned from trying different forms of writing?

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