Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Lemonade Award

Thank you Eric for nominating my blog. :) That's so sweet. So now I have to follow the rules.

Nominator - Eric

Nominate ten blogs and let them know they have been nominated Ok this, I will have to follow in installments. Most of the writing blogs I look at are by professionals. I think this award should go to hard-working novice writers, who make their blogs entertaining/useful to others. So I will nominate a few people now...and more later, as I get to know more people. (no one ever became great by following rules completely, so you got to bend them a little)

Adam's blog, my muse is a vampire, is always entertaining with his special British wordings. I can actually imagine him sitting at his desk saying "bah" to his computer.

Justus' blog, Across the Multiverse, specializes in sci-fi/fantasy. Since I love sci-fi/fantasy, I enjoy reading his blog.

Jenna's blog, As The Plot Thickens, is another fun read.

More nominations promised later...now, I really need to go and actually write something.


  1. Ooh, ta very much!

    Guess I'd better make a list too. Dunno if I even read 10 blogs! :-)


  2. Thanks for linking to me. Ha ha. I'm not desperate for attention, but it doesn't hurt.

  3. Thanks so much! I love awards. :D

  4. All of you deserve it :) Though maybe not, because your blogs give me another reason to procrastinate from writing.