Saturday, 18 April 2009

Where has the day gone?

Twelve hours ago, I planned that I would edit a short story, edit beginning of a novella and then do further work on that.
Twelve hours later...I am still editing the short story. It's not that it took me so long, but somehow, I spent less time on that story than million other things.
I surfed the net, social networking, read a book, and I even tidied my desk to perfection along with a neat little reference table on the side.
I hate days like these, because feeling of unproductivity just makes me feel crap!! Especially because I work full time, so if I waste weekends, they cut up on a lot of my writing time.
So I shall turn the negative around in a postive now - or at least half-positive. Once I post this, I am going away from my laptop (at least turning around to my desktop), and finishing that damn edit.
Tomorrow, I will have productivity oozing out of me. I hope...


  1. I can totally understand how you feel. I procrastinated big time this morning, completely avoiding the re-writes that I knew I had to begin. Once I got to it though, my writing began to flow like water. I don't know if it works that way for you, but sometimes it does for me (not always, since the procrastination monkey is persistent). Good luck with your writing.

  2. Yeah, I do find the same thing most of the time. once I start it properly, it does work out.

    Well, I did manage to do re-write of the short story yesterday before going to bed, and even started re-write on the novella's beginning.