Thursday, 2 April 2009

Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting Some More...

Not me, it’s my characters that are waiting. Impatiently, I might add, while I get my act together and give them something to do. I am trying to plot a short story for one of my Writers Bureau Assignment, and also plot a Novella. For both of them, I have got main characters, I have got the setting. I even have some conflict, and vague ideas about the beginning. What I do not have is a plot. It is rather frustrating, because I can see these characters sitting there, getting antsy to get some action. None of them are very patient, and none of them like waiting. Occasionally, I have times like this, where things just take their time to fall into place. The best way that works for me is to sit down with a pen and a notepad, and start writing. I start writing what I know, and then keep repeating it in a different way. Once the process gets going, bits and bobs of information start coming in. If I manage to have a good brain storming session then I end the session with much more information than what I started out with. Sometimes the whole plot just comes to me randomly, but at other times, like now, the plot just doesn’t stick. There is no good or bad about either case, because when the plot comes easily, there is usually something else that becomes a pain. In any case, if it goes smoothly, brainstorming is a wonderful process. But if it doesn’t, then it becomes incredibly frustrating. Because I just want things to HAPPEN. So today is the day for making things happen for at least one set of characters. I am devoting entire day (not the evening) to only thinking about them. Ok, sometime, I may have to think about work that I am doing, but for the most part, I think I can keep these people in the background and find something for them to do. So get ready my little darlings, because your days of peaceful lounging are numbered.


  1. Heh, sounds familiar...

    I'm currently trying to work out the rest of my novella's storyline. I have the start, and most of the middle, but the rest eludes me.

    I have a file called Reaper Brainstorm open and empty... time to fill it!

    Good luck with your thinkin' :-)

  2. For the novella - certainly managed to get more details for the beginning. Even some of the middle, but end is missing.

    As for the short story - got a bit lucky. Found a plotline I had written during last assignment and it seems promising. Though I added a grim ending. Hopefully, it will work out.