Thursday, 2 April 2009

Writing Goals for April

These are the goals I posted on AW's April Goals thread. Since I have made a public proclamation, I must stick to it, or I would have to have a good dunking for shame. So the goals are:
  • Finish writers bureau assignment 5, 6, 7 (they will have to be edited and submitted too)
  • Edit and submit a short story from assignment 4
  • Edit and submit two flash fiction pieces
  • Submit at least 5 articles on Suite101
  • Plot a novella, create an outline, and start working on it
  • Work on WIP novel

It is pretty ambitious for an evening/weekend writer, but since I have a 10 days holiday over Easter, I am really aiming to get a good chunk of this done then.

I will stick to it...I will stick to it...I will stick to it....I will...I will...I will...


  1. Hey Dolly!!!

    I took a look around here and I really like your blog- way entertaining. Goals goals goals, they make and break us. Good luck on yours and cheers to ambition. :)

    amy aka electric violet from AW

  2. Thanks Amy :)

    Now that I have got this long list of goals, starting right now - or rather continuing right now with Assignment 5.

    Stupid Internet keeps distracting me :P

  3. Yowser, now that's what you call a list! You'll be ahead of me in the WB course by the end of the month! :D

    Think I'll put a similar post up on my blog. :-)

  4. Nice looking blog. In my experience, the surest route to a lengthy literary career (as opposed to the here-today-gone-tomorrow variety, which is pretty much most of them) is:
    A. Start young; and
    B. Write a lot.
    So you are on the right track!
    Hope to read on your blog of future success.
    All the best,

  5. Thanks Adam. Like your Goal list too. Makes it bit more official to make this public, and nice to have encouragement too of course.

  6. Philip,

    Thanks for dropping by and your encouraging words. I appreciate it.